Love Astrology: 9 Ways to Use Karma to Repair, Rekindle, or Attract Love

This article published by Astrology Answers, Aug 14, 2014.

We use the words soulmate and karma around here a lot, and there’s a reason for that. As necessary as it is to find astrology answers to help lead us in our daily lives, there is more to the equation of an enlightened and fulfilled life than just astrology answers. Karma is one of those things, and if you are seriously on a quest to the most abundant love life possible, it is something you really need to practice every day, in addition to seeking answers from the cosmos. This is even more true if you are hoping to repair, rekindle, or re-attract a soul mate love, because soul mate love is based on unconditional love. And the ribbon of unconditional love, shaped like the infinity symbol, is one that can only go on when the energy of karma keeps it flowing.

Sound complicated? It’s not. Just follow these 9 very simple laws of karma that will help you harness love astrology to its fullest potential. These 9 ways of karma are guaranteed to repair, rekindle, and attract love, if you play your cards right. Are you ready to spin your karmic wheel of fortune? Here’s how.

1. The 3 R’s.

If you are talking about karma, you want to start right at the top. The 3 R’s are straight from the Dalai Lama himself. Respect your Self first, this is the toughest for many people. Respect for others as well, and finally, a Responsibility for all of your own actions. Karma is about getting what you put out yes, but that means you must be held responsible for every choice. When you are, the rewards follow. This is even more important when you are talking soul mate love. What have we been saying? Love your Self first, then others, and then take responsibility for your actions and choices. When you do, your heart chakra opens up to that unconditional

2. What you focus on grows.

Here’s another one that we keep saying all of the time. Focusing on negative things, bad. Focusing on positive things, good. Why is this so important? Because what you focus on grows. Ever notice that when you are having a bad day, the more you talk about it the worse your day gets? Yes, find a support that will let you vent it out, just remember, what you focus on grows. Get it out and let it out and give it back to the universe. But don’t hang onto it and keep giving it back to every person you meet that day, or your vibrations of unconditional love will go haywire, and soul mates will not go anywhere near that. What you focus on grows, so keep it good!

3. Failure is not just an option, it’s a must have.

You will hear gurus say, “Failure’s not an option.” If you do, ask them for your money back. Einstein tried over two thousand experiments before he developed the theory of relativity. Stephen King had over 217 rejection letters before he sold Carrie. If you try succeeding and stop because you aren’t succeeding, that is not the sign to give up. That is a sign that you just haven’t tried the right thing to succeed yet. When it comes to karma, failure is not just an option, it is a must have because these are the critical lessons you need to learn to grow. We try so hard to go into relationships not showing how “damaged” we are, or how much “emotional baggage” we have. That’s not real, and that is not authentic. We have all failed at something. We all have baggage. And we are all damaged.

What have we done with our life since then? That is what is important when it comes to attracting soul mate love. Your soulmate wants a damaged you, they want to know when they come back to you or first meet you that you have been damaged enough by life to learn lessons from it. Sounds a little strange, yes, but you will not succeed if you don’t fail. So, if you fail, flip the silver lining on that cloud and realize, that’s all part of it, congratulations for passing that test and accomplishing that lesson. If your love life isn’t going the way you want right now, it may be because you haven’t embraced this yet.

4. Correct your mistakes.

Someone once said that the most difficult things to say in life are, Please help me, I love you, and I’m sorry. Is there one of those terms that you are wincing at, just by hearing ME say it? If so, that’s one of your mistakes in love and you need to repeat more, the one sentence in those three that made you wince the most. Do you need to say I love you more? Do you need to ask for help more? Do you need to apologize? It happens. It’s called being human. Your soul mate will find you all that the more endearing if they hear any of these three sentences, because that other half of you knows just how difficult those words are to say. If you need to say something, say something. Correcting mistakes is all a part of karmic reward, especially when it comes to loving another soul. This is the beautiful thing about karma. A lot of people think once they screw up, it’s done and they have ruined their karma. Not at all the case. You can always rebalance your karma by correcting the mistakes with the person you made them with. Always. And when it comes to your soul mate, that’s all they want to hear. Always.

5. Sometimes silence is the best option.

So there might be a few things you need to say someone in order to repair, rekindle, or attract the kind of love you are looking for into your life. You know who that is and what you need to say. But if there isn’t and you are still confused, the answer to repairing and rekindling your love life is silence. That’s right. If you don’t know what to do, nothing is best. Especially when it comes to soul mate love and unconditional love, because it is in those down and quiet moments of space from each other that we learn and grow. In those moments we remember more good times than bad, and we also see our own errors more clearly. This puts us in a good space unless it is someone else that needs to apologize, because your soul mate can feel the space you are in with them emotionally, even if they are on the other side of the world. So, even if you are dying to hear from them, dying to know how or what they are doing, or dying to say something to break an awkward silence, if you don’t know what to say, than saying nothing is the fastest way to see them slowly creeping their way back into your life.

6. Share knowledge.

In the relationship world we call this communicating. In your love life and with your soul mate, you can and you should communicate with them as much as possible. Don’t know who they are? Ask for them to come to your dreams and talk to them there, or just think in your head all of the wonderful things you would say to your soul mate if they were here. Keep it focused and positive! Love, love, love, is the foundation of all knowledge to share with your soul mate. Now, another way to attract your soul mate or have them come back into your life is to find a way to share knowledge in the world about something that means something to you. Hop on some forums and share advice and tips on things that you like with like minded friends and communities, write an article, volunteer in a book drive.

What knowledge you share and how you share it is not important. A simple post it on your Facebook page expressing one of your beliefs is a great start. Hey, why not start by sharing this article and starting an intention avalanche on karma! You get the picture. Deepak Chopra says that sharing knowledge is one of the easiest random acts of kindness you can perform, because you better someone’s life with a very simple free gift that they can never have taken from them. Rekindle, reignite, and reconnect with your soul mate by sharing knowledge in an area that makes you feel good.

7. Make sure your love exceeds your need for the other person.

This is another very strong and firm Buddhist principle when it comes to unconditional love and soul mates. This law of karma is most important for those who have separated from their soul mate temporarily. We feel like we need them back or we will die, and so we let this ego drive all of our actions. It is that ego that winds up texting someone 50 times too much and driving them even farther away. If you truly love someone and truly believe they are your soul mate, you have to let them go on occasion. If you know in your heart they will come back then they will. But you need to make sure that your love for that person exceeds your need to be happy and have them in your life right now. This is true if you have your soul mate in your love now too. Always put them, and your love for them, before your own needs, and you will never have to worry about how big or small your karmic debt is.

8. You have to be love to get love.

This is the one law of attraction and karma that is the most common one, it is said in a number of different ways by different gurus. This is your basic, what goes around comes around law of attraction that everybody knows, but many people forget. This isn’t just about being nice on the outside because it looks good and it’s good karma. It’s about genuinely being a nice and a good person. When every act that you do comes from a place of love, you are in the highest realm of karmic possibility. It means being compassionate in all things. The coffee barrista that just dropped an F bomb on you by accident? She’s clearly having a bad day and establishing good karma means realizing that it’s not about you, and loving her anyway.

Is it true that the coffee barrista has nothing to do with your love life? No, that’s not true. Every single person you meet has something to do with your love life. If you are cranky and mean to everyone all the time, are you also asking me why you are still single? This one is common karmic sense, but we all need this reminder once in a while. Practice the art of compassion in some way, every single day, and your soul mate will some way, in some special way, feel that and draw themselves closer to you with every passing day.

9. Stop trying so hard.

Did you ever hear about the guy who was smitten with someone, until she texted him 50 times after their first date? Karma and its rewards are based on faith. And so you can not build karma, while worrying about the outcome. The worry negates the karma, because you are secretly fearful that it may not work out so good after all. So remember that faith and karma go hand in hand, you have to believe in it, or it isn’t going to work. When you engage in your relationship in a way that feels like you are trying to hard, that is a sign you are trying to hard. Karma is not supposed to be difficult, unconditional love is the easiest feeling in the world to enjoy if you let go of the worry and the fear. So let those things go, and replace your worry with faith, and the rewards, well, we hope you are going to come back and share those.

And there you have it folks. The only 9 laws of karma that you need to know in order to get your own karmic wheel of fortune spinning in your favor. Which ones did you like the most? Which ones do you think you struggle with the most? The easiest one here is one that you can do right now. Start the karma avalanche by sharing knowledge and sharing this article with all of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers? What else are you going to do in order to attract and reconnect with your soul mate?

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