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Occasional Missal from Nancy

  • August 6, 2017


    As long as there is something new on the horizon; even if it is as ordinary, as mystical and sacred, as beautiful, as expected… as the sun going down and the moon coming up; even if that is all you have, life is worth getting out of bed every morning.”
    Nancy Ross  (me)


    I have been writing this blog since 2007. I think you can go back into my archives and find many ways in which I have been telling you my story and hoping it has some meaning and usefulness for you.

    I must take a break, and I know the sun will go down, the moon come up and drift away and the sun will rise…one of those days or nights I will write again. Now I am into the last phase of packing, loading, and leaving Toronto, Ontario and moving to Kalamazoo, Michigan. You can reach me via email or iPhone: 647-525-3609

    I am living a blessed life and I am grateful. Making TO DO lists and HAVE DONE lists has kept me grounded and sane. Friends have heard my distress calls and guides have come into my life and will leave again, which is only how I would want it to be.

    Honour your angst/stress. Give yourself time…time for whatever it is you need. Have compassion. Be patient. Never forget to be kind to yourself and to others.

    In my mind as I shuffle through these humid days doing necessary stuff, I am thinking of writing a blog book entitled : Aging with Grace and Good Will. I find them to be excellent daily companions.  I them excellent playmates and they provide helpful guidance quite frequently . A project for winter 2018.


    Eternally grateful for a rich and full and healthy life
    Eternally grateful for loving family, precious dear friends, Aimee
    Always grateful for each little new learning and success
    Always grateful to hear from anyone who identifies with what I share
    Always grateful to have this precious special for me blog, in which I can safely share my soul and not feel shamed.

    Blessings and best wishes, be back soon, Nancy

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Nancy Ross and Joan Sinclair

Nancy Ross and Joan Sinclair both use Imago tools, information, teachings, and experience in their work with couples and families.

Joan is a Mediator as well as an Imago Relationship Therapist. She works on the West Side of Toronto: Boor and Jane subway.

Nancy Consults with couples and families and is located in the Beaches

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