Individual Sessions

One of the things I especially enjoy about working with one person at a time is that often the work takes on a spiritual direction. I believe that many of us in this busy life of ours are longing to make a greater sense out of life: it’s meaning, purpose, direction, hope. Moving in a world filled with positive energy and leaving the negative behind often takes guidance and support. Making sense of your own particular life and life journey doesn’t necessarily take years of therapy, but there certainly are moments when processing that with someone else is helpful and reassuring.

In the individual work I do with clients, we explore together messages and feelings from the past. And we make connections to the present and decisions about the future. Sometimes out of this work together you decide you want your life partner to join us as well. Sometimes you want it only for yourself or you don’t currently have a life partner. Our connection can help you feel grounded, solid, hopeful and energized. I encourage weekly sessions, as least initially. Every other week is certainly an option as well. Time to focus on yourself, learning your patterns, stretching into new behaviours, feeling seen and valued, is time well spent for you and for those you love.

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