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Nancy Ross now offers consultation for families, including the challenges of coping with a newly blended family. Nancy also specializes in families with adult children.

When one member of a family is in pain or acting out, it profoundly affects the entire family. Never is it true that one person, adult or child, is the problem. Everyone feels the distress and everyone benefits from having an opportunity to share their concerns.

I begin the consultation work by seeing each member individually for at least a half hour, longer if needed/wanted. I see the parents together for a minimum of two hours before the family comes all together. The length of time we all spend together is settled upon between all of us. What the family wants, and what I would suggest.

I encourage each member to have a voice. I have homework suggestions. Please contact me via telephone or contact form for further details. I think the Imago process gives hope and relief when a family is feeling pain and unable to move forward.

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