Couples Consultant

Sessions for one couple weekly or bi-weekly

Time is one of our most precious commodities. Everyone is busy. Our lives are full and rich. Finding time for one more thing to do, by yourself or with each other, is often a great challenge.

However the most important investment you could ever make for yourself, your relationship and your children might very well be taking the time to strengthen and deepen the intimacy between the two of you. The energy spent being unhappy, angry, disappointed, frightened and sad can be freed up for you and your partner to find surprises, have date nights, dream of romantic adventures, and feel the foundation of your love and commitment become more solid and reliable.

All of this can be done by committing yourselves to an initial two hour couples session and follow-up sessions of an hour and a half or two hours (your decision) once a week or every other week for anywhere from three months to a year or more. We will decide together how long the work takes. Often it depends on how much healing you want to do. Sometimes just taking the edge off feels like it is enough. Sometimes delving more deeply into the past and learning to leave hurts and disappointments behind simply takes longer.

Your partner is your friend, your teacher and your healer. It doesn’t always feel like that. Looking at your partner and seeing your enemy is not good news. I am the holder of the hope. When you bring your relationship to me, I work specifically with the needs the two of you have. There is room for differences in every relationship. In fact, it is the differences that bring passion, joy and stretching. My job is to guide you into understanding each other and helping you make sense together. The time invested in enriching your relationship has long lasting benefits for both of you and anyone else who cares about and loves you.

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