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For over 30 years, I worked as a psychotherapist with groups, couples and individuals. I found those years to be rich and satisfying and very healing. It often felt like my clients and I were very much on a spiritual journey together. Over the last 5 years, I have found myself taking on more consultant work and less intense, long term therapy work, especially as I facilitate more couples and tend to see fewer individuals.

Currently I am living in Kalamazoo, Michigan awaiting the completion of my new home. I continue at this point in time as a sometimes blogger, always with the desire for that to be interactive. I love hearing from you at any time, with your suggestions, comments, support, thoughts. I hope to be available to see couples and families with adult children early in 2018 when I expect my office in my new home at Woodland Trails, Portage, Michigan to be ready for me to move in and make mine!

My new phone number is 269-569-5813 and my email remains the same: nrossimago@gmail.com

Since 2007, I have been blogging about my journey with my heart. I blog about life: loss, joy, relationships, aging, illness, parenting, grand parenting, hope, fears, death, grief, peace, on and on. I also blog about my partner of 23 years – she received a diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer and died in 2014.

I offer a Occasional Missal from Nancy: Quotes, thoughts, gratitudes, all can be found on my web.

I consult with couples and families with adult children who want to learn and grow and heal.

I teach communication skills and the importance of keeping a safe environment in every relationship.

I no longer do psychotherapy. I facilitate, guide, teach, advise, witness, hold, and consult. Couples and families with adult children come to me for the purpose of creating a new way of being together. To look at what is no longer working, to learn, grow, heal, and feel safely connected.

I especially extend an invitation to couples who are just starting out and would like to develop skills to use when the lust and glow of new love begins to fade and life begins to get in the way of romance.

I also suggest couples who have been blessed with a long relationship and are beginning to think about retirement might think about a couple of sessions to help themselves with the transition. I provide a safe place to talk about change and loss and what that might feel like.

My sessions are two hours long and together we can decide how many two hour sessions you would like.

I am looking forward to meeting any of you who might like to try something new for you and your beloved.

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