In Celebration of Trusting Self and Those Who Advise Us

Oh ho!!  Two cataract surgeries later and I can see!  And I can walk….almost without the walking stick.  Man oh man.  I am coming alive at last. I must say, I really do feel a bit like Lazarus.

I highly recommend cataract surgery. For sure. Ten minute procedure, a  nuisance with eye drops, and the world is vivid, the ground is solid, and confidence in Self returns.

If you are hesitating to get some medical procedure done for whatever reason, talk with someone who has had that experience and let yourself be for warned. It is totally possible the results are well worth whatever grief you may be facing. Relief may well be around the corner for you and you didn’t even know it was waiting with welcoming arms.  I highly recommend trusting the process of life: this too shall change, whatever this may be. Following through on wise/informed advise is often times a very good idea. Along with listening to your own intuition of course.

My inner self told me that to address the issue of my eye sight sooner rather than later might very well be a good idea. And for sure it was a great idea. I appreciate me, my decision making skills, wise advise I was given and a medical system that took good care of me. The ground under my feet has felt very shaky for many months. Slowly I am finding my balance. The world around me has been bleary and dim. Once again I am able to see the lovely and loving life I am newly creating with clarity and delight; and I am relaxing enough to find energy under all the anxiety. My oh my. Time moves quickly.  Time moves slowly. Time heals and time gives us space to learn as well as opportunity to remember what we always have known in our ancient inner wisdom.

If you are feeling stuck about something, be patient with precious you. Impatience is not helpful. Blaming or judging is hurtful and slows your moving forward process. Remember to breathe, remember to  listen to the inner you; trust the healing breath of time and watch for a door of hope to open. Stay alert so you can see that door. Do not let opportunity slip right by you and leave you with your mind dimmed and your eyes cloudy.

Feeling stuck is your mind and your heart saying “Hey, wait a minute. We need some time to sort this out. Slow down and be patient with us…” Celebrate what you have to be grateful for. Even when stuck, there is something noteworthy to give thanks about, not the least of which can be remembering that “this too shall pass!”


  • I am grateful for a warm but not too hot summer.
  • I am grateful for good doctors and good health care
  • I am grateful to have energy at last.
  • I am grateful for the patience of those around me.
  • I am grateful I feel ready to once again attend book club!
  • I am grateful I will soon be getting new flower pots with autumn flowers to make my front porch look welcoming.

Love Nancy

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