May 15, 2018


“Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my
mind the most.”
Author unknown to me.

I have read the above rather frequently over the years on those hand painted boards that people hang on their kitchen or bathroom or living room walls.  Often times at the cottage.  Meant to be laughed at.  Ahhh, I would say to myself.  So true. So true.

I hadn’t a clue what the truth was for goodness sake. Sure, just like every one else, I forgot names, couldn’t remember what I went to the grocery store for so got bread and eggs and milk in the hopes that at least one was right, and pretended I knew a date when I claimed to be calling a friend to remind her and she told me what the date really was.

I’m talking about forgetting to even go to the grocery store, forgetting I met that person to say nothing of her name, forgetting I had something on that date, much less the one of the particular concert I had longed to attend.  There are significant times I can not remember what I did yesterday, certainly not 2 or 3 days ago, and it is a blessing I remember I went to Italy and loved the food and found the little 900 th century town of Gubbio to be wonderful.

I was reading an AARP Newsletter today and learned that Omega 3 is great for brain and memory but it needs to be taken about 2 and a half years before any change occurs. Best you begin taking it now so you will be prepared. I didn’t. I regret that and will go get some as soon as I finish writing this. If I only remember…… I also learned that people in India eat a great deal of curry every day of their life and that helps them enormously to have a strong, healthy, active, high functioning brain.  I don’t have enough time left to get enough curry in me. So I will see what 900 mg of Omega 3 for 2 and a half years will do for me.  The time goes by quickly. I’ll probably not even remember May of 2018 once I hit May of 2020…..

My encouragement is for you to begin right now, no matter what your age, to take 900 mg. a day of Omega 3 and to write and check out notes to yourself several times a day. If you get in the habit of both now you won’t forget then and you won’t have to disappoint yourself by starting up when it is almost too late.

I wrote sometime ago that my transition from Canada to U.S. cost me 10 years of my life.  And I had high hope that would change as I became more rested. I have rested and maybe it is more like 8 years of my life absconded with my mind and disappeared. Definitely not good enough. I encourage mindfulness, consciously finding ways to feel safe, notes to yourself, thinking and writing and gardening and dancing. You garden and dance, I won’t be doing that. Never did like either, so not connected to aging for me. Maybe.


  • I am grateful for love I receive from my family.
  • I am grateful for the companionship Aimee, sweetest almost 13 year old puppy on the planet gives generously to me.
  • I am grateful for the time to meditate, relax and listen to music as I regain, literally, my balance.
  • I am grateful for sun today .
  • Blessings always, Nancy

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