April 5, 2018


"....ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find....
Matthew 7:7 


I don’t think about that very  often.  That if I am just clear, I let it be known, I verbalize what I need or want, the chances are big that I might get it. If I keep silent, long for but do not express, suffer in the chaos of my mind, chances are I won’t get it. Because who knew??

Yesterday was a particularly difficult day for me. So I wrote a letter to friends and wrote for this blog. I had no idea I was asking for anything. In my letter I actually denied that I needed a response. I was hiding from even myself that I longed for connection. But I got it anyway. Dear people in the world reached out and gave to me…..and today is a far better day! Lordy be, unexpected on my part. Picked up on the part of sensitive precious amazing others.

It is wonderous what might happen if we are clear and ready to welcome change.

This suggests, however, that we have sorted out the words that we want to say, that we know what we need or want. I find the way to get that clarity is to follow my intuition. Which could also be said to hand over our need to another energy, one that some people call God. I tend to call the greater consciousness. It really is surprising how what we long for might truly be waiting for us to notice. Sometimes we are blind and deaf to what is on offer, what is waiting for us to pick it up, hold it, embrace its comfort and the potential relief, as well as possible love.

We will not get our needs met in isolation. At the same time, often we must to go into the depths of the dark dank cave, even the cesspool or quicksand, before we can surface and accept the light. Don’t be afraid of the dark. It is a time to focus on self, a time to allow for healing, a time to rest or fight, sleep or exercise, eat or fast, cleanse and grow. Always remember, This too shall pass.

Just as I long for the delightful, good times to go on forever, I must remember that the difficult times have a beginning, middle and end. I must learn patience.

My hope for all of us is that we can be gentle, compassionate, loving and accepting of ourselves. Seek for peace, and you might well find it. Ask for love and I expect it is waiting for you in unexpected places. Trust in the good in your world and you are more likely to see it. Never give up. There are so many mysteries yet to be recognized.


  • I am grateful for my determination to succeed at whatever it is I long for
  • I am grateful for the generosity in my life.
  • I am grateful for a relaxed, sleeping, less tense Aimee, the dearest 12-year-old puppy on the plant.
  • I am grateful for new energy today.
  • I am grateful for the healing power of music and walks in the woods.
  • I am grateful to love and be loved

Hugs, Nancy


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