April 25, 2018


“Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens.”
Carl Jung


I don’t know if I am totally awake yet. But I do know I have spent what feels like a really long time wallowing around inside of me, fumbling in the dark, looking for a hand-hold, grasping at twigs and dried year old leaves, longing for release. And I suspect I have pretty much found it: found release, found day- light, discovered the path that awaits me. For now at least

I hope you will follow your dreams.  Equally, I hope you will search until you feel awake, alive, in control of you and the path you are on. Knowing next steps brings comfort and encourages our faith in a benevolent universe

I asked god again and again and again to guide me out of my morass. And I think it has happen….once again…..and will happen more times over the next while. I want you to take a good, deep, honest look inside beautiful you…what do you see? Do you see peace? Comfort? Joy? Can you find any bliss at all? Can you find adventure peaking out from behind the muted tapestry of life as it is today?

Deep inside you resides hope, faith, new beginnings, the courage to close no  longer needed doors, visions of adventure. It is time to create your life again. Time to embrace the magic of facing the unknown. Take a courageous step. Leap into the abyss and roar with laughter as freedom slaps you in the face. Gasp in wonder when the darkness of your night breaks into a gentle welcoming blue-gray morning light. Wiggle your fingers and toes in a happy dance. Spring is here. Witness the birds, the yellow and white and periwinkle flowers hovering close to the earth. Hear the sounds, smell spring, touch spring, remember childhood when spring meant summer vacation was hot on the heals and another kind of freedom was possible.


Take a chance and walk in the shoes of the courageous warrior you already , are but may have forgotten for too long.

Dream. Awaken. Come alive and chose to make changes. Ultimately it will feel lovely.


  • I am grateful for the warm spring sun and  reason to trust our cold winter days are gone for a few months.
  • I am grateful Aimee came through surgery easily, smoothly, safely.
  • I am grateful to put away coat, boots, scarves and glooves
  • I am grateful Robert my son in law has invited me to dinner for homemade Mexican.
  • I am grateful Chris my grandson will help me with my printer Friday evening.

    Hugs, love, blessings, Nancy




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