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March 8, 2018

Ho!!!  I’m back!!

One of my all time favorite books is Code Name Verity. The author’s opening line is, “I’m a coward.”

She is probably the least cowardly person I have ever known or heard of.

I am a coward, if you want to know cowardly. AND, I was pretty darn brave to embark upon this incredible odyssey I have been on for the last….quite a while. Maybe two years, maybe one….maybe 5….who knows? The last long time.

I’m in my condo. And I have been unable to write/blog for almost 2 months because my brain has been ultra busy taking in, learning, integrating, trying to understand, and grasping at loose ends about new: New geography, new people, new atmosphere, new politics,  new medical world, new financial world, new friends, new grocery store, gas station, places to get household items…just plan darn new everything. Except I essentially know the language. At least I understand English. US English with Trump at the helm I do not understand. But English as I knew it 30 years ago I am okay with. For now at least.

I am not, have not been my entire life, a TV watcher. Nor have I been interested in trying to become such. I now have, place of significance, a 55 inch curved TV above my fireplace. Lord in heaven above, it is impossible to turn on my radio or activate the TV without being inundated with news.  And, as I hear it, 98% of that begins with “President Trump…..”  I am very tired of him.

I live in a swamp. Literally. They are filling it in every day with huge truck loads of dirt. My back yard is a mud hole. My front road and drive way make Aimee’s feet and legs so muddy I have to wash her every time we come back from a walk around the condo community. Part of this is because it has rained so much. Part is because they are building more homes and that is messy. And a big part is that this land I am making my home on is very close to at least two lakes and is very wet territory. Who knew? Probably I should have. But I gave it no mind.

I love the inside of my home. I am creating a home that feels safe, loving, aesthetic, functional, peaceful, welcoming.. All around me on the outside, is noise, mud, chaos, upheaval, dirt, unfinished, madness. My challenge is to stay steady. To keep grounded in me. To remember who I am, what I stand for, what I can accomplish, and what matters as I see it.

That is my message to you today. Whatever chaos seems to be penetrating your world, be mindful and conscious and intentional about staying steady with who you are, what you believe in, and what means hope and love to you. You are wise, creative and have integrity. Trust who you know yourself to be. Trust what you have learned, what you believe in, the life journey you have been on and who you are today.

Hold your head up high! Breathe! Allow for small steps and don’t be afraid to wait. Time helps sort out tough stuff. I’ve been learning to look around me. See the world as it presents itself to me. Take time to absorb. Trust that good is out there and if I wait patiently, good will come to me. Remember Grace and Good Will?  Gracefully let go and listen. Good will stands at the door if you will open it.

Hugs, love, peace, faith. Blessings and I am glad to be back. Let me hear from you. What have you been doing these last two months?  I feel certain whatever it has been, it is important and I truly hope you honor your process.


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  1. So good to hear from you. I am in awe of what you have done .
    Life has been in turmoil with lovely periods of laughter and music. I am grateful for those days.
    I wish you were closer so we could chat. Sending much love

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