February 1, 2018

AAAhhhhh……the sun is shinning.  Today is the first day of Black History Month. Two nights ago we had a blue moon (two full moons in same month) and 150 years ago, in the year 1866,  the Civil Rights Act  was proclaimed.  The 14th amendment followed in 1868.  1866 is also the year the  Civil War ended.

I choose to see the year 2018 as an opportunity to remember how to celebrate all people, all races, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, ages, financial and educational status;  to welcome inclusion, and to honour and respect our neighbours as we would wish for them to honour and respect us.

Several decades ago I was walking through an airport tunnel and my companion proudly pointed out that the walls were newly painted with historical scenes and people who had built the city, had great influence and had contributed famously toward the life of their community. I pointed out that everyone was white male and their response was, Everyone of importance to our city is recognized in this mural…..

It is my heart’s desire to believe no one would make an uninformed and unkind statement like that today.  If not today, at least by the end of this year in which there is glorious opportunity to remember compassionate mindfulness as well as remembering to tell the simple truth.


  • I am eternally grateful for the thousands, 10’s of thousand, millions if you will, brave, courageous, brilliant warriors of peace who have contributed to making our world a safe and loving place to  live
  • I am grateful for those throughout the world today who continue to give and allow themselves to receive, love
  • I am grateful for every opportunity I might have to honour compassionate courageous inclusive people

Blessings on this precious day of new beginnings, Nancy

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