Creating a Life of Serenity as a Senior Senior……

My new home is coming alive! She is beginning to exist, to be, to welcome me, and absolutely I can hear her siren call. I hear her whisper my name…..softly…..and now……and now…. a little louder and now…..stronger. I SEE her in my imagination, I FEEL her in my heart, I DREAM her at night. I will sleep in her by next weekend.

This past weekend Lisa and Robert helped me look for furniture, mattresses and an invisible fence to keep Aimee safe.  I have thoughts, possibilities, hopes, vision. I am delighted. And….

And Aimee and I will end our life as nomads. We will learn to become familiar and comfortable with what is currrently new to us and blessed be, belongs to us. We will practice walking about the condo community and smile and wave to neighbours. Our eyes will take in new sights and our noses with breathe deeply the freshness of new smells. Our 2 months of being loved and wanted at friend Mary’s home is complete and 5 weeks of convalescing at Lisa and Roberts has come to a close.

Serene moments of joy and pleasure, creating new and living a life of hope and love: All I plan to weave into the tapestry of life at 9466 Sassafras Trails, Portage, Michigan 49002, cell phone # 269-569-5813

One of the many things I have learned these 5 months since I left Toronto is that I am old: I have lived on this plant for 8 decades and that is a long time. My body is starting to wear out. My soul and my attitude do not have to wear out, but my body can’t quite keep up. I am a Senior senior.

Maybe I don’t mind that so very much. There is certainly a possibility that I have permission to do or not to do things that used to be solid musts. I can sleep until I actually want to get up. I can eat a meal or a snack when my body asks for it and do not have to wait until lunch time or dinner time by someone else’s clock. I give myself permission to not drive at night if I feel concerned about it……I can take a shower every two days instead of daily….it is a lovely long list that eases the demands of life as we seem to think it should be.

I suggest you not wait to be a Senior senior and take a careful loving look now at how you  use your precious time on earth…..are you really living your life the way you want to live it? Or might it be possible you are allowing yourself to be influenced by someone or something outside  your own heart’s desire? The children have to be safe, loved, fed…..beyond that search carefully and honestly and let yourself know if you are missing something important that you could really do differently if you just had the courage.

Changing job?  Changing country? Changing friends…..politics….the way you spend money….how you think….what you dream…..the way you use your precious leisure time. Do you have leisure time? Might you benefit in taking some well time off work and simply BE for a while……

Think, dream, plan. Don’t wait until retirement or until age or  health force you to do something new. Do it NOW. Do something new, different, refreshing, beautiful, creative, make a dream come true before you are a senior, and certainly before you are a Senior senior. Though truly, better any time then never time.


  • I am grateful for the help I will have from family for the physical moving into my new home next weekend.
  • I am grateful my body is healing
  • I am grateful I do not feel ashamed to use a cane and will soon be using my walking sticks that have been in storage.
  • I am exceedingly grateful I am financially able to take care of myself comfortably
  • I am grateful I am loved
  • I am grateful to be alive

Blessings and most love possible, Nancy

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