So What! I Just Want to Complain!

In the scheme of things, given  what’s going on in the world and specifically the US, I have very little to complain about. But selfish immature me wants to whine. Had days like that?  I suspect we all have had long moments of disappointment and the desire to whimper about it for a while.

My condo won’t be ready until end of January. I am bummed. Deeply. Not surprised; but disappointed, feeling helpless, and frustrated. A bit like what we are all also feeling about the political situation in our country…..sexual harassment accusations going wild,  inequitable tax law changes, a president in cahoots with Russia and too  dumb to stop a nuclear war and is a sociopath…..

My condo complaining is oh so very minimal next to all of that. Nonetheless, it does affect me and I believe acknowledging what is really going on in one’s heart and soul is dearly imperative.

I’ve just spent the last almost hour texting with a dear US friend about our frustration both with US political scene and my condo. Feels really good to rant and rave with like-minded intelligent informed dear friends. Try it when you feel over the top frustrated. It does indeed take the edge off.

The sun is shinning, it is a beautiful mild day, almost spring like….and very unnatural. I long to go out. I want to run and hide from an unjust and unfair world. Nowhere to hide. You know that saying about wherever I go, I take myself with me. Well it certainly is true. One foot in front of the other when the going gets rough. Aimee has her walking collar on….good start for me to take further action and begin the move toward my coat.

When in a snit, I suggest you try one step at a time, share with a dear friend, let yourself whine awhile, and try to remember everything eventually changes, whether we want it to or not.

Gratitudes help as well:

I am grateful Mary is okay for Aimee and me to stay another month
I am grateful for astounding weather
I am grateful my new to me car is taking good care of us
I am grateful that at this moment I am financial doing fine
I am grateful I am loved
I am grateful I moved to Michigan when I did even given so much I disagree with that is happening daily
I am grateful I am me.

Blessings, Nancy

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