December 3, 2017

” I acknowledge errors with grace and accept success with humility.”
Daily Word, a Unity Publication

I’m not certain  this fits in the category of errors, but certainly  negligence, possibly laziness, maybe enough on my plate or  simply no more room in my head.

I haven’t written in Occasional Missal from Nancy since August!

Wow! Never did I believe it would take this long for me to get my act together. Part of the issue is my books are in storage and I am not yet finding easy access to quotes. The other part, this is taking responsibility for my errors if this is an error, the other part is emotionally it has been a challenge to stay focused. That I have been writing now and then in Going Out On a Limb has been brilliant on my part I really must say. That’s not very humble I know. But truth is truth.  (Big Grin)

I completely support acknowledging errors with grace. We are not bad people if/when we make an error. We are human people: always learning, always growing, always needing to shift and change and stretch. Making errors is a way to learn new behaviors and attitudes. Forgiving self is imperative for happy healthy self and Self. No shame at all in making a mistake; even in making the same mistake over and over, if we acknowledge what we are doing and attempt to learn something new from it.

I’m not so sure about accepting success with humility. Sure, a braggart isn’t very attractive. But there is a place for pride, for delight in self, for showing off a bit, if you will, when we have made a great, or even not terribly great but pretty darn good choice or decision. I think a cocky grin and a pat on ones own back can be a good thing.

I do think however, instead of humility I might say this is another place for Good Will. Remember Grace and Good Will? Well, gracefully, softly, kindly acknowledging errors now and then can be very connecting in intimacy with a beloved and is highly liking to go a long way in helping with forgiveness or letting go on the part of whoever is involved.

Good Will is about being generous. It can be generous to self and to others when we let go of having made a mistake, or seeing some else make a mistake, and we simply move on with our own life, focusing on our own self and leaving the errors to correct themselves. Maybe they won’t self correct. Maybe it is none of our business and it is someone else’s job to take responsibility for making changes. Maybe the lesson is yet to be learned and self correcting is untimely.

At any rate, being responsible for one’s own behavior and responses to the behavior of others is important for healthy mature adults. Being pleased with self or other when responsibility is taken is perfectly fine in my eyes and heart. A little self confidence and self esteem goes a long way toward making our day in day out life doable.


  • I am grateful for this lovely morning when Aimee, the sweetest puppy on the planet,  and I can walk in Ramona Park, here in Portage, Michigan where we now live.
  • I am grateful for my comfortable, safe, kindly, friendly, generous living arrangements with my friend Mary while my home is still being built.
  • I am grateful for the love and support of my family
  • I am grateful for the amount of business I have accomplished since moving to Michigan.
  • I am grateful to be living in the lovely, welcoming, spread out, rural and residential city of Portage, Michigan

Hugs always, Nancy


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