December 13, 2017


“My get up and go, got up and went.”
Ruth McKinney Alkema (my mother)

I was standing in the bathroom this morning brushing my teeth when I looked up into the mirror.  Can you just imagine my surprise when I saw an old lady looking back at me!?  White hair that needs to be cut, wrinkles that could use a lot of Botox, stray hairs popping out of her chin, scruffy eyebrows, and peppermint smelling foam around her mouth.

What a sight!  What a nightmare! Whoever is she anyway? Lordy, she doesn’t look so great.  I chatted with her a bit. Mostly however, we stared at each other. Flummoxed. I told her I was tired of this miserable bladder infection.  She told me to get a grip, there are far worse things in the world.  I responded Absolutely and I’m in pain, have loss of brain functioning, and am running out of food. She told me to take a pill, my brain often under functions, and food was available for the asking.

She is such a pragmatist. Annoys me.

Aimee isn’t happy with me either. She has not had a really nice walk in days. I think she is a bit stir crazy…..she barks at nothing outside the window. Then looks at me hopefully. I’m not up to it and the old lady in the mirror walked out on me.

I just had a lovely talk with a dear friend here in Portage and she is suggesting a women’s group to talk about aging, loss, change, health, struggles.  Whoopy!!   That would be so good. Share the load. Hear what others have to suggest, have found helpful, are dreaming about. I’m all in for that one and the old lady in the mirror said she would go too.

I promised to host when my house is ready. I understand the paint is getting put on the walls even as we speak; the pocket doors to sun room have to be sent back because I ordered French doors not solid wooden ones. Shelves and bars are going up in closets… is feeling truly hopeful.  This good encouraging news, plus the vitamin B 12 Dawn suggested and a women’s group in the making and I think I have a recipe for recuperation.

I’m going to go to the bathroom mirror right now and tell the old lady to get a grip herself. I’m doing just fine, thank you very much, and she better spruce herself up a bit. Enough is enough. Time to get a hair cut.


  • I’m grateful for dear good kind friends
  • I am grateful I am beginning to feel better
  • I am grateful for people who continue to help me with financial challenges
  • I am grateful we thus far have not gotten the huge storm predicted
  • I am grateful for Democratic winning in Alabama
  • I am grateful for the people who are pushing back at Trump
  • I am grateful I have made this move to Portage, Michigan and it is truly likely I will get in my new home in January.

Blessings, Nancy

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