One New Way You Deserve Me To Be Different With You

Apollo, the most adorable Beagle on the plant, took  Aimee, the sweetest 12 year old puppy on the plant, and me, for a long walk yesterday. It was a beautiful day and perfect for walking with friends: animal and/or people.

Sometimes I may not be physically strong enough or mentally determined enough to keep up the pace set by a Beagle on the hunt. My friend Mary tells me I can be trained to walk Apollo properly every time.

That got me to thinking about perfectly adorable people that we don’t know how to train to walk properly through life with us, if you will. Do you know anyone like that?  Lovely, adorable, love them, want them, feel good sometimes when you are with them…..but somehow they pull, move ahead faster than we can keep up, find an idea or a direction they want to go in and are totally determined to follow that wonderful scent no matter what our own agenda might be? That in no way makes them a bad person. But it may well mean that isn’t the right person for you.

Some people in our life simply are not on the same path we are on, no matter how much we care about them and want them to walk beside us through life with Grace and Good Will. Remember the friends I brought with me on my life changing move from Toronto to Portage/Kalamazoo, Michigan. Grace and Good Will are who I turn to when I feel baffled or overwhelmed or discouraged for whatever reasons. I wasn’t baffled or discouraged while on that walk yesterday. But there were moments when I was a bit overwhelmed with Apollo’s determination.

I want you to use this as a metaphor. Is there anyone in your life who is pulling you in a direction you do not want to go? You love them and know they have feelings for you as well….but….something is missing….something hurts, or pulls or feels off. It is never about waiting for them to change. It is always about you making the changes. No one needs to nor are they likely to change for you or for me or for anyone else. The desire to change has to come from inside them.

Apollo is perfectly happy with following his nose on the road to discovering new and wonderful experiences meant just for him. I am the one who needs to learn to take the walk in a new way. You need to learn how to not do whatever it is you have been doing that isn’t working. That is your job.

One New Way You Deserve Me To Be Different With You. Think about that. Not one new way I want you to change for me. But one new way I can change because whoever this is we are talking about, deserves your regard, your acceptance that this is what and who they are. That may feel like a stretch. But it truly really is your only option. We are all responsible for our own behavior. If we don’t like the way things are happening between someone in our life, then we have to make changes in our self. Risky yes, possibly hurtful, certainly not easy, but it is the only option.

Apollo has no incentive or intention to change. He is hard wired to get a smell, follow it, and move in on the capture. I am learning to change the way I walk with him and he may or may not listen to me. That is about me not about him. He gets to be who he is: adorable, silky ears, soulful eyes, loving soul, all with a lot of energy and a nose that does what it was intended to do.


I am exceedingly grateful for 2 or 3 days in a row of sunshine and blue sky
I am grateful for renewed energy this morning
I am grateful for desire to write, share with you, hope to hear from you
I am grateful my legs feel stronger and more rested today
I am grateful for my family’s love
I am grateful I had a vet already established when I needed one yesterday for Aimee
I am grateful my granddaughter wants me to be at her karate competition this weekend
I am grateful for my warm, pleasant, loving living arrangement

Hugs, blessing, wishes for courage to make changes you feel are necessary and/or helpful for you to be making, Nancy


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