My Front Door is Burgundy…..

Ho boy!  Oh, my! Whoa!!  Good news!

My condo is well on its way. December is still an option for move in date at : 9466 Sassafras Trails,  Portage, Michigan, 49002

Just got a pile of stuff done: plans for landscaping (I’m going to have a Japanese Maple , Burning Bushes, and oh so much more); checked to be certain a humidifier will be on the furnace; decided on colours for all the rooms; picked colour of front door (burgundy, great with gray slate coloured siding.) Not totally in love with the all the colours I have chosen, but the best I can do. If it has to change, so be it. At least we have a point from which to start.

Sooooo looking hopeful.  What a jolly good lift it does give me to truly realize things are well on their way to completion.

Think about the concept of unfinished business in your life….what is undone, not completed, incomplete, in the process but stuck, and any other terms you can think of to name something that needs and wants to be done but just simply isn’t getting there.  The beautiful freeing and energizing feelings of completion make it more than worth while to slosh through the debris holding you back. Unfinished business is a  life stopper. It drags us down, holds us captive, smothers us with soot and is a unnecessarily heavy burden to put on our shoulders and in our gut.

Maybe my legs will feel stronger with the burden and mystery of creating a home to live in lightened.

I encourage you to consider clearing up the papers and mess on your desk, or cleaning out the refrigerator, or going through one closet and passing on some of the unused but perfectly fine stuff you have been hanging on to.  Make a decision, right or wrong, and live with it . Relief and release are the rewards just waiting to leap into your heart and soul. A clear, fresh, free space open for breathing, dreaming, creating new.

Lovely. Make room for something new to walk into your life and find a chair to sit on, or a lap to sit in, or a place to sit beside you.  Or to fill your life with wonder and curiosity.

Don’t forget the power of gratitudes:

I am grateful to have witnessed a lovely sunrise this morning
I am grateful for an empty refrigerator as I leave for 5 days travels
I am grateful Lisa took care of the plane tickets for our trip to Maine
I am grateful daughter Michelle and granddaughter Sydney want me to visit
I am grateful for all I have accomplished
I am grateful for renewed hope to be in my new home within a month

Blessings, love to hear from you, Nancy

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