Ramblings on a Blustery Rainy Stormy Sunday

Aimee is snoring peacefully at my feet. Such trust. Such acceptance that she is safe and loved, wanted and secure; that she will be looked after, fed, watered, walked, welcomed. She pushes up tight against me at night keeping me warm and comforted and assuring herself that I am not going anywhere without her. At least not forever; out and about now and then, here and there, but I always come back. How many of us have people in our lives with whom we can count on to always love us? To always come back to us? To forgive and forget……

Aimee picks up my stress and in turn becomes dependent and needy, while also dependable and giving. She can be both frightened and loving  at the same time. A blessing and a gift. Can you do that in your relationship? Can I do that with people I love and who love me? Give and receive both…..or do I have to be in receiving mode and when filled up sufficiently able to once again give in return?

Can you set yourself aside for a few minutes and focus on someone important to you…..someone who matters and may very well long to have a bit of special attention, if not necessarily from specifically you, certainly someone. Try breathing, focus your thinking, clear your mind gently and find a colour that pleases you: soft green, gentle blue, kind yellow or silver, any colour that feels right. Remember colour, listen for sounds, allow yourself to only notice your breathing.  Slowly let one person’s image emerge. Allow yourself to feel that person’s presence  for a moment or two.  Without judging or editing, send kind, generous, quiet thoughts to whoever comes into your mind right now. Feel caring even if you have to let go of negative thoughts and feelings for a short while.  It isn’t going to cause you one single little tiny bit of harm or pain to take only a short moment to think kindly about someone weighing on your mind even if they are annoying you. Possibly someone big and important whom you have never seen and never will, but causes you frustration or more. Or maybe someone near and dear to whom you have not said I love you recently Every one of us in this universe could use a moment or two of kind and generous thinking and focusing.  In the realm of all possibilities, something good, an even ever so slight a shift, might happen. Who knows? Worth a try.

Again and again Aimee teaches me patience, learning to let go, if not forgive or forget and the power of releasing negative feelings. I hurt myself with negativity. I love myself when I feel positive. I think Aimee, the most precious and wisest 12 year old puppy on the planet, knows she is being talked about right now. She woke up, stretched, did a thorough scratching because she has environmental allergies until first frost, and is sitting beside me looking expectantly. It is time for reading to each other and snuggling on the couch. My turn to read to her. She handled the creativity for us last night.

As we are practicing positive thoughts about everyone, those we love as well as those who frustrate us, I suggest we be sure to do gratitudes also:

I am grateful the heavy rain has let up for awhile at least
I am grateful for the nourishing and delicious soup I had for  lunch that Robert made yesterday
I am grateful my grand son and grand daughter in law to be are letting me take them to dinner this evening
I am grateful for moments of peace and serenity
I am grateful for love, support, acceptance as I begin to discover a new me, learning about life as I see it in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Hugs and love always, Nancy

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