Everything Always Ends…… Something New Will Fill the Open Space

Yikes!  Today the big white truck and huge trailer, big enough to transport a car, comes to park in front of my Toronto house! You will know it by the huge American flag painted on the door of the truck. No slinking off for me! I leave Canada with a flash and a dash and am grateful to go and so profoundly proud and appreciative of my precious life and all it has held for me while here on Bellhaven Rd. for nearly 30 years.

Pretty much packed and ready to be loaded up tomorrow and Aimee and I will sail across the border into new adventures, surprises, and things to learn.

I have still not packed a few things that I don’t know what to do with: a can of salmon, a role of toilet paper, a squished tube of tooth paste, a can of Raid for the wasps that moved in on my porch a couple of months ago, and shovels. Bellhaven will be new owner ready once the brilliant and resourceful Rick and Joyce give it a thorough going over when my brother, Aimee and I are on the road.

As I head for sailing over the border and entering new adventures I realize some of my greatest learnings, for all of life as well as moving out of country that  I want to leave with you are: give yourself a lot of time to plan and pack and prepare with a certain amount of leisure; make to do and have done lists; keep what you want and throw the rest away; take a pill if it all gets to be too much; and never ever forget the usefulness of Grace and Good Will.

No idea when I will be back on line. But I think of you constantly, love you always, hope you will stay in touch with me, and wish all the magic you want to come your way very soon.

Blessings, Nancy

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