There is Danger in Being Clubbed to Death!

Autumn is rushing in on the wings of the cool winds of the north. Oh, my. So soon. Tomorrow is first day of school for so many students and teachers. Blessed be! I remember my very first kindergarten day: grateful to see the sand box and so very many books. Familiar possibilities to hide myself from noisy unknown 5-year-old beings.

I remember first day of kindergarten for each of my four kids: huge loss for me as that little wee soul went off to discover worlds I would never be a part of. It was always the first time I realized, once again, I would not be the center of their world for the rest of our lives.

Saturday, Sept. 9, I go off to my own kindergarten, of a different kind. A new school of learning, a new home and friends and names and places to learn. I leave 30 years in Canada and return to Kalamazoo, Michigan to begin school of life all over again. I have SO much to learn. I am excited and ready. I have put away, thrown away, given away, my old life and am pursuing largely, but not entirely, an unknown world.  I’ve lived there before and have kept a life alive in Michigan while living in Toronto. But I am having a home built to suit my ageing self and intend to create book clubs, movie clubs, concert clubs and dinner and luncheon clubs. I will be clubbed to death and dearly appreciate long periods of time reading and walking in the woods that surround my new digs.

Aimee, the most precious 12 year old puppy on the planet, and I have worlds to discover. My cell phone number remains the same, until I change it of course: 647-525-3609. My email address is the same: My blogging will continue as I am able. I will not have a land line available for phoning.

Julie Nezrella on CBC radio this morning said we are socialized to be excited about the new and the possibilities of autumn. I always do feel wide awake, welcoming and curious as fall begins yet another time. It feels the perfect time of year to start a project and my project is to discover how I am going to live out my  8th decade and prepare for my ninth. No longer do I face that vision with dread. I hold only hope, amazement, possibilities in my heart.

I suggest you begin to dream something new for yourself.  Dream of a challenge, or a struggle, or a reward….something wonderful,delightful, almost not attainable, but surely YOU can do it. Write about what you might begin to dream of doing, dance about it, sing, paint, talk, mutter, sputter, laugh. Behold the new. September is the perfect time to loose yourself in the almost impossible and you are sure to come out on the other side a whole better person by the time spring begins to peak up at you totally by surprise several months, 3 quick blinks, away.

Sending love, taking you with me, humming and skipping, still wrapping precious items in bubble wrap. Never ever forget to be grateful:

I am grateful for renewed energy
I am grateful for how much I have accomplished toward moving day
I am grateful I figured out what to do when my legs hurt me: exercise!
I am grateful the 2 hungry coyote’s at the cemetery have not discovered Aimee as an entre

Love, Nancy

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