Ode To a Thunderstorm

A 2 am thunder-storm. I can  feel it coming. My body, ears, eyes know it is on the way. I anticipate. I welcome: lightening, count to 10, rumblings, closer, almost here. Spilling from the heavens, like a huge barrel that empties all at once and the heavy rush splashes through trees and leaves and covers the waiting earth, the world of cars and cement, roofs and all matter of detritus. Relief. The rain slows down and sweetly splashes as the water hits the ground and the thirsty earth allows this nourishment to sustain it yet once again. The lightening and thunder become intense and continue their dance of movement and sound for a while longer then move on.  The rain lightens, begins again and the cleansing increases.

In the morning the earth will be fresh and clean and will glisten in the early sunlight. The plants, bushes and trees, vegetables and fruit and all manner of animals will be grateful for the bath and the drink and the assurance that life goes on. My body releases the tension the storm brought with it and blesses the reliance of nature to keep her beings alive and safe.

I return to bed, Aimee patiently waiting to snuggle her precious puppy self tightly against me and I listen to the lullaby of the steady drizzle outside my open bedroom window.  I listen to Aimee’s deep trusting breaths as she lets herself go into worry free sleep.

In this moment, life is easy. It is safe, companionable, dependable, hopeful. I am filled with gratitude for the drama of a middle of the night storm, for the refreshing breeze through my bedroom window, for life that is clean and air that is fresh to breathe. I know love. I understand compassion. I realize harmony. I will sleep peacefully again.

(I know this isn’t an ode, but at 3 am I liked the sound of the word!)

Sleep tight. morning will bring new beginnings, new things to be curious about and much joy if we let ourselves see it. Nancy

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