June 28, 2017


“When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds we will have it in our lives.”

Louise Hay in her book You Can Heal Your Life


Peace, harmony and balance, says this wise woman who is well into her nineties and still beautiful and wise and giving. It’s balance I am seeking these days: the balance between Now THAT was Too Much and Man, THIS is Not Going To Make it For Me!

The THIS I am referring to is my slide into retirement. There are many hours in every day and some of them must be filled with satisfactory labour; or at least that is what I tell myself. Playing by myself becomes unsatisfactory eventually, even for introverted me. Playing with someone else from time to time begs balance and feels precious. What Louise Hay is telling us is that outer peace, harmony and balance requires us to first create that delicious place of pleasure in our inner world. My mind, your mind, thinks too much and gives us bad/not useful messages.

Messages like: I’m not enough, or I’m not good enough; everyone else knows how to do important stuff, I don’t have the skills/energy/experience/information; I’m guilty or shamed or wrong or incapable…..the list is endless. And ALL of it is wrong. You and I are perfectly fine just exactly the way we are right now, today, this very moment. All that is required of us is that we love ourselves and love each other. Anything further is feathers in the pudding, or some such metaphor.

The major event in my day today was waiting for a phone call that didn’t come. Pathetic? Maybe, but you know what? I waited patiently, lovingly, and never once said or thought a bad thing about me. I could have gotten busy and done something. But I chose to wait…..it was a choice and there is balance in that. I didn’t struggle or fret or worry. I simply waited and when the time was up I found something else to do. Good for me!!

I am the creator of my own destiny. I create peace, or pain, or angst, or balance….whatever I am feeling I created that. You too. Check it out: what are you feeling this very moment? Is that feeling okay with you? If not, do something different and the feeling will change. Take charge. You are/I am responsible for whatever is happening in our lives and that gives us the power to make changes for the better.

Tomorrow I will skip waiting for a phone call and get groceries, which is what I should have been doing today. I am pretty sure I will feel better with the doing and the getting than I did with the waiting and the wondering. Practice making just a tiny little change when you don’t like the way you are feeling. And check it out: feeling better? feel the same? feel worse? Keep trying. Something is bound to work for you eventually. It is inevitable.


  • I am grateful I can laugh at myself sometimes
  • I am grateful I can forgive myself often times
  • I am grateful I found some good food in freezer and am using up what needs to be there no longer
  • I am grateful for a beautiful summer day
  • I am grateful for a lovely sleep last night
  • I am grateful for my good and lovely, if sometimes slow and uninspired, life

Blessings, Nancy

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