June 27, 2017


“I believe life is really very simple. We give out, we get back. The Universe totally supports every thought we choose to think and to believe. When we are little we learn how to feel about ourselves and about life by the reactions of the adults around us. Whatever these beliefs are, they will be recreated as experiences as we grow up. However, we are only dealing with thought patterns, and the point of power is always in the present moment. Changes can begin in this moment.”

Louise Hay in her book You Can Heal Your Life


As wee little lads and lassies we noticed so much that all boils down to learning how to survive in a world that isn’t always safe. What we discovered way back then worked!! Here we are! All grown up and actually, on the whole, managing quite well. Sometimes however, what worked as a child no longer makes sense, or is the most expedient, or is even helpful in the present day. Sometimes it is important to give ourselves new messages and try to manage life differently.

One of the major messages I have held onto from childhood is that financial disaster could quite possible be right around the corner if I am not on the alert and very wise and always totally vigilant.  I lived in the fear that I was 3 cancellations from a bag lady for years. Never happened, however, and my better self know it never will.

Same for you! So many dangers as a kid. So much to be aware of, prepare for, brace yourself about so you won’t be caught off guard…..not knowing, not understanding, not big enough or strong enough to protect. Whatever it might have been back then, it isn’t true now. You are bigger, smarter, have more resources today. The present….today…..now….that’s where we must learn to operate from…..not the past, but the present.

As Louise Hay says, the power is in the now. Forgive yourself, have compassion for your precious self if you discover that you are operating from messages and behaviors you learned that worked and took care of you in the past. Remind yourself that what is happening now is happening in your adult world where you have just as much power as the next person. Use your wise adult self and with kindness and grace, walk into your life fully confident you’ve got everything covered. You have done and still can do, whatever it is that is nagging or gnawing at you.

Change can begin in this very moment. Be nicer to yourself and those around you. What you give away comes back to you. Give love and wait sweetly for it to be returned. Love loving…..and love receiving. The world is as good as we allow it to be.


  • I am grateful I feel more rested today
  • I am grateful I accomplished at least 3 important things today
  • I am grateful for the sun and almost no humidity
  • I am grateful I know how to make the payments for my new condo. I can deal with the bank, exchange, money orders…..stuff, with grace and confidence!
  • I am grateful my feet and legs are feeling better.

Hugs, Nancy

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