June 23, 2017


“No one becomes permanently comfortable. Life is not solved. Like a large hibernating animal it turns on its belly and once again we have to crawl out from under it. If we don’t, we die.”

Huge Prather in Notes on Courage and Love


Well! That takes my breath away. And makes me laugh at myself big time!

Actually when I consider myself, I must admit with chagrin that indeed I am aiming for the always I am comfortable space in life. If I do this, if I don’t do that, if someone else takes care of something important, life will feel safe again……and stay that way. Grown up wise Nancy can laugh all she wants at that belief, but take away the faith that I can eventually find a safe place to live, not literary, but a safe place inside me where I live, and I get scared and begin to feel hopeless.

I want ever lasting peace. Peace of mind, soul, heart; a safe place to settle inside me and remain there always trusting the truth as I know it today remains the truth as it will be forever. I believe that is the life long passion for all of us. I believe we all always, even risk takers and those who thrive on adventures, are in the process of seeking security from our inside self. And I believe we sometimes have that security and we sometimes lose tract of it altogether. And yes, crawling out from under the belly of the beast is imperative, or we will die. I often feel it is like forcing the whale to spit me out of his belly on to the shore so I can crawl away toward life again.

Today I am dancing on the shore. Just recently the whale spite me out. Rainy day that it is, it still feels sunny and warm and fresh and hopeful. Blessed be!

Sit face to face with your beloved when you are lost in the belly of the whale or trying to crawl out from under the monster animal taking your life and joy away; hold hands, gaze into each others eyes, and look at each other with soft, kind, accepting eyes. Spend about a minute sending and receiving kindness. Open to your better self and share with your eyes what you want to receive. Breathe. Intentionally let yourself smile until that smile reaches your eyes. Nothing more: soft eyes, smile, breathe, give and receive, 1 minute.

A gift for the day.


  • I am grateful for a storm last night that work me up and and gave me power, hope, and wisdom
  • I am grateful I am dancing on the shore today
  • I am grateful I can say no when I want to and yes when I want to do that
  • I am grateful my life is falling into some order I am beginning to trust.

Love, Nancy


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