June 21, 2017


“Simplification of outer life is not enough. It is merely the outside. But I am starting with the outside……..The final answer I know is always inside. But the outside can give us a clue, can help one to find the inside answer.”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh in her precious tiny book Selections From Gifts From the Sea


This quote landed in my hands this morning as I came upstairs to write having yet once again gone through my kitchen and purged a few more I really don’t need this anymore, stuff. I’m paying movers by the pound to take my world across the border to Michigan for me and I want to scrape everything down to the ribs. I truly wish the right and perfect person wanted my precious beautiful newly and lovingly upholstered big living room chair. I bet I could almost buy a new one for the cost of moving it!

I remember a game I used to play with my kids when they were little tots: back and forth, up and down, in and out, stop and go, yes and no…..that is the game I am playing now. Yes, I take this, no that goes to whoever, maybe I will keep it, it makes no sense to ship that…Could drive one crazy if one played this game too often. Fortunately my memory is we stopped when one of the kids was no longer laughing or squealing.

As I simplify the part of the world around me that I have control over I am able to quiet any internal angst or turmoil I may be giving harbour too. I have recently retaken the Meyers-Briggs test and find I am a INFJ: introvert, intuitive, feeling, judging. I have more to learn about the judging part; what I am pretty sure is that is the part that keeps me sane. An intuitive introvert stuck in her feelings of stress and dismay, shame and overwhelm, about a big change like moving from one country to another after a 30 absence, can easily drive herself over the cliff into the abyss.

Indeed when I find out more about the judge who keeps me sane I will mention it. In the meantime, I offer you the image of  getting your literal and figurative house in order in a balanced and harmonious manner. Throw out a bit here, give away a bit there, set aside some precious things to decide about later…….and rest. Take time to let your changes integrate. Let your heart, your soul, your skin, your essence absorb that change is happening and remind yourself that you are safe. And you know you are safe because you are doing your clean out job, if you will, at your pace. You are taking charge of your external world so it will reflect the peace and courage that is hiding in your inside self.

As always I put forth the huge value as I see it of: meditation, naps, walks, sweet music, writing, painting, cooking, gardening, clay. Whatever brings you comfort and relief. Outside self/inside self, inside self/outside self. Back and forth. Find balance. Find harmony. Trust the peace.


  • I am grateful for the internal and external peace I am currently able to generate.
  • I am grateful for yet another perfect summer day
  • I am grateful I am integrating change and forward thinking and planning
  • I am grateful for the relief of writing
  • I am grateful/pleased Aimee looks so spiffy, as my father would say, with her summer hair cut she just received today

Blessings and harmony forever, Nancy

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