June 14, 2017


“We’re afraid of feelings. We rush through our lives searching yet not living. For those who have the interest to look closely, life becomes an art.”

Diane Mariechild


The wind blows my hair and tickles my eyes and nose and checks. The sun is bright and the sky clear: the colour of a large bowl of blueberries. Aimee runs with new childhood vigor and I head down the road almost totally free of the pain I have been feeling in my right foot and leg.

My neuropathic doctor tells me right leg and foot pain means trouble moving forward, not sure I am on firm ground, difficulty supporting myself. Hmmmm. Makes sense. Makes sense that belief is leaving my body as well. I’m moving forward nicely, thank you very much.I have created a strong foundation for myself that I am walking on with confidence and I am consciously supporting my own wisdom, creativity and the actions and decisions I am making.

Considerable progress. I am pleased.

You can do that for yourself, as well. You can give yourself time and permission to heal and then begin to move forward again. Patience and compassion for yourself helps a lot. Give yourself grieving space if you need it, but for sure give yourself breathing space. You absolutely do need to give yourself time to integrate whatever change, pain, disappointment, frustration you might be going through, and then you must have faith that a new outcome will be the result of your patience and compassion.

Find someone you knows cares about you. Ask them to sit face to face with you for five minutes, or 3 minutes if that feels safer.  Take turns and tell each other the strengths you see in the other. Then reflect that back: you see me as strong, brave, pretty, smart……whatever. Be sincere. With faith and hope allow the lovely positive flooding to fill your heart, soul, eyes, ears and skin.

I am talking about what I think Diane Mariechild means by the art of living. What she means when she says we are busy searching and forgetting to live. I think we can get lost in the mess of life and loose tract of the beauty and joy that surrounds us even in the darkest of times. I can get lost in the fear that I won’t do something the right way and forget as I am caught inside the belly of the whale, that the sea of life holds me and if I would only open my eyes I am just as likely to behold magic as I am to create disaster


  • I am grateful for the totally perfect and gorgeous almost summer day
  • I am grateful for the strides I have made to take charge of myself and my life
  • I am grateful for way less foot and let pain.
  • I am grateful for the adventures that are opening up before me

Love always, Nancy

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