And So It Has Happened

My house sold. I could not have hoped for better: to a family who wants it for 30 years. Who love it, are excited, and already know this neighbourhood. They were ready and I was ready and we met in the middle. Big smiles all around.

Today is a rainy Sunday pajamma day. I didn’t even know how tired my soul was until I rolled over and decided to never mind the clock and stay snuggled up with Aimee and my pillows and my comforter for absolutely as long as I wanted to this morning.

What joy! What bliss! What peace and feelings of becoming settled and still. As my mind began to quieten, and I intentionally allowed my body to rest, my heart took another gentle leap and settled just a titch more.

I think we are programmed to excel, succeed, preform, push forward, always on the go, pushing ourselves to do more…and then more…and still more again. Practice allowing yourself 3 beautiful moments of breathing and being still. Three lovely moments twice a day. Not a lot to expect right? Might give you more peace than a restless night’s sleep and will give you a much needed break in this busy needing- to- be- productive world.

Take one moment twice a day to look into the eyes of someone who cares for you and see what you see: do you see kindness? sadness? joy? hurt? frustration? love? humour? What does your friend see in your eyes? Be curious. Curiosity can be a lot of fun. You can learn new things about yourself as well as receive possibly new information about someone who matters.

My Toronto home has been sold with a September 22 closing date. My birthday. How amusing! My Kalamazoo, Michigan home has not even started to be built because rain has made it impossible to pour the foundation. I will be creative. I will be a nomad, turn my precious belongings over to a reputable moving company who will help me navigate the border, put Aimee and some of my clothes in my car and head for adventures in Michigan for a few months.

I do not know what September, 2017 to summer of 2018 of my live will look like, feel like, be like. I am curious, uncertain, will become anxious but not ready to shoulder that burden just yet. I am impressed with myself that I begin the early years of my 8th decade on planet earth with so many unknowns…….and I haven’t yet turned to panic. Says a lot in my book, about finally beginning to grow-up, trust, mature, have faith and patience.

And so it has happened: I will in a few months turn my current home over to a family of 4. So far they are in love and I am ready. My job right now is to trust myself and the universe. And your job is similar. Trust your intuitive wisdom that helps guide you to make good loving choices for yourself and for others. Slow down, and in the stillness listen carefully to your own blessed intuition. You KNOW what is best. Follow your heart and your wisdom, allow yourself to thrive and never forget that you are lovable.

Hugs always, Nancy

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