Laugh, Love, Take Risks, and Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

I’m sitting at my daughter’s home on Austin Lake in Portage, Michigan eating huge delicious strawberries and watching a storm move over the lake toward me. I am waiting for work to begin, feeling blessed, loved and alive!

My 22 year old grandson Nick graduated from Depauw University Sunday and there was a loving and noisy gathering: celebrating him, feeling pleased and proud for him, delighting in the ending of a stage in his life that will impact him forever, and wishing him grand and glorious adventures as he gallops forward in the exciting life he anticipates and we all want for him.

Phases and stages of life!! My, my, they come and go so very quickly. Within about 3 deep breaths, he was born…….he is here now, today, almost all grown up. A dear and beautiful young man with an exciting future.

Once I was in his place. Once you were too…..We all were 22 once and taking the first step onto the bridge of life that stretched before us. My wish for him is that he take chances, risks, is visible, embraces new and different and unknown; that he laughs and loves and learns from his mistakes and not be afraid of failure.

I think a major wish I have for myself and I offer for you is to not be afraid of making mistakes. The President of the University talked about that at Nick’s graduation. It is from mistakes that we learn, that we grow and that we become stronger. I’ve made plenty mistakes in my life, but I wish I had made more. By making mistakes I know I am trying, I know I am growing, learning and that I am fully and entirely alive. When my heart is broken I feel pain and know there is hope for me and a future. When I feel stupid, I know I can learn, when I feel wrong I know I can make a right, when I feel wronged, I know I can call for justice.

Right now as I prepare much like Nick, to move out of my current life where I have lived and loved and worked for 30 years, into a new life with wonder and magic and all there is ahead, I celebrate and share with anyone reading this, my hope for peace, joy and balance as we carry our history forward.

Twenty-two is a blessed age. But so is 30 or 45 or 80. They all matter. We have all the time we need to do all the things we need to do and want to do. Begin today to be the perfect person you always wished you could be. Love, be patient, breathe, trust, and have faith. Life is good. It is up to you/us to make sure we notice how very good it truly is, even during the challenges. Maybe especially during the challenges. That is when change happens and faith has a golden opportunity to show itself in all its warm and precious glory.

Hugs, love and hope for learning from our many mistakes, Nancy

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