“Those Who Love Me Come To My Side”


“As I ask for loving companions on my journey, I am led heart to heart and hand to hand to a friendlier world. As I extend my heart and hand, the world meets me with open arms. As I reach for my wisdom and my compassion to aid others, others respond to me in kind. I am not alone. I am not unseen, unheard, a stranger in the world. As I hold myself a friend among friends, friendship finds me. As I hold myself a lover of Life, Life responds to me with love. In all times of sorrow and anxiety, I comfort myself through comforting the world. Through cherishing Life, I allow Life to cherish me”

Julia Cameron in her gem of a book: Heart Steps


A longer quote than usual because Julia Cameron is speaking so directly and clearly and I want to share the entirety of her words.

My move from almost 3 decades in Toronto to return to where I raised my four children in Kalamazoo, Michigan has me asking again and again for those along the way who will walk heart to heart and hand to hand with me.

I can not do this alone. Nor do I want to be doing this alone. And…..I am actually not doing this move alone. I have a lot of help, all of which is kind and loving and very very precious.

When I finally arrive at my destination however, I will be searching for heart to heart and hand to hand connection: from those who already welcome me and love me, and from new companions to walk the last decades of my life with me.

I am intentional about cherishing Life. And most always I feel cherished. Sometimes I lose my grip and miss the magic Life has to offer me. I think that makes sense. I suspect most anyone reading this has lost their grip once or twice in their lifetime and has forgotten how loved they are, how much Life loves them, and how much love there is in their life if they will welcome that love and let it happen.

Every time I forget that I am seen, I am wanted, I am precious, I make Life difficult for myself. When I forget what I have and what is waiting for me when I am willing to embrace it, the inside me crumbles and my body begins to ache, becomes tired, and I find it almost impossible to move about with any ease at all.

When you find yourself losing your love for life, when you lose track of how beautiful and good this world really is, step back outside of your inside self and take a better look. The media today can wipe away hope and replace it with fear and deep uncertainty. To create balance we must be intentional about the beauty and kindness that always surrounds us.

Notice intentionally 2 or 3 moments of hope, beauty, and kindness each day this week starting today. I know it will help replace despair with a softer, gentler awareness of this precious divine Life we are gifted to be living together. Notice when someone reaches out a hand. Feel tenderly when someone shares their heart. Let the warmth of someone else wanting you relax your anxiety and sweeten your dreams.

In moments of distress, look closely for the tiny light of wonder and joy that just aches to sing in your soul.


  • I am grateful for a special connection with a dear friend at dinner last night
  • I am grateful for the many people who are helping to make my transition from Canada to US doable
  • I am grateful for a significant lessening of physical pain
  • I am grateful spring is here and flowers are blooming
  • I am grateful I am alive and intend to remain that way for a long while

Love and blessings, Nancy

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