April 4, 2017


“Why do you weep? The source is within you…..”


Deary days offer time for introspection. Even busy involved rushing about dreary days have pockets or holes with moments to go inside and wander about for a bit. Wander and wonder. Wonder what this all means….what is life about anyway? Why am I here and what can I do to make being here worth my while?

Some days a higher purpose feels out of grasp; I stretch and pull and reach, and I don’t find any meaning beyond my own breath.

Maybe that is enough. Maybe just breathing, just being alive, having Self and noticing……maybe that is enough.

Some days accomplishing seems important. At the end of a day I like to look back and see what happened. What matter did I make?  Anything? Maybe, maybe not. Some days making an impact on my world matters. Other days, not so much.

Rumi says all I need is within me. I believe that. That you are here on this earth is all that matters. YOU matter. Always.

Longing, weeping, yearning for more, or other, or new, or change, is not necessary. Wherever we go, we take ourselves with us. When I move from Toronto to Kalamazoo, all of who I am goes with me. I change my outside world, but my inside self is the same inside self I have been for many decades.

Rejoice! Celebrate. Breath a deep sigh of relief. You take yourself with you no matter where you go. Source, Love, Life, All That Is, lives inside every one of us.

We are blessed.


  • I am grateful Aimee came through tooth and gum surgery well!
  • I am grateful I can find strength in my inner being.
  • I am grateful for the life and options I have been given.
  • I am grateful for good aging health
  • I am grateful for a home that is still taking good care of me.
  • I am grateful for the love I receive and the love I give.

Hugs always, Nancy

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