April 22, 2017


“All sanity depends on this: that it should be a delight to feel the heat strike the skin, a delight to stand upright, knowing the bones are moving easily under the flesh.”

Doris Lessing


A sad sign of my aging seems to be that my bones are not moving quite so easily under my flesh as once they were able to do!

However, I am not doubting my sanity……and I am looking forward to the heat of the summer sun on my head and shoulders filling my bones with warmth and comfort. I sometimes take a while to stand up entirely straight after sitting for a while, but I am surely proud and pleased when I do accomplish that feat.

I get what the author Lessing is telling us, however: the simple things about life mean a lot. Noticing little things about our body, about nature, about friendship…..it all matters. Little things add up to more and soon it is possible to shift from difficult to doable. And then slowly from doable to not so bad, and finally to comfortable with a small reminder here and there. A twinge or tweak that helps us remember how precious life is and keeps us paying attention to what is important.

Life is good. Relationship is precious. It only takes a little bit of effort to let your partner know you love them.  Letting yourself be loved may well be a more difficult task. Ask yourself honestly, can I open my heart and entirely allow myself to trust and feel safe and accept the love on offer????

Huge question.

To be given serious consideration.

It is not easy to be vulnerable and to risk betrayal. Nor is it easy to walk through life lonely and in solitude. Take the leap…..take the chance……you might be surprised about what is waiting for you if you simply let it happen. You might find out the love of your life loves you also. You might let yourself accept what is there right in front of you and gently nudge yourself to let go of your fears and miseries.

Surprise yourself and someone you love with a treat: something you have been wanting to do but just put off for some other time. Think about a hot air balloon ride, renting classic antique car and going on an adventure, having a spring picnic somebody else prepared so both of you are surprised, having a pillow fight, or silly string fight, or water gun challenge. Taking a night walk for ice cream cones. Just take a day on the road together and see if you can forget aches and pains and hurts and disappointments and laugh, letting nature unfold before you.

My joy at this very moment is hearing the early morning birds begin to wake up. A whole day before me and what mysteries might it bring?

I think Ms. Lessing would agree that I am successfully and with pizzaz staying way clear of any insanity prognosis. Can you say the same?


  • I am grateful I feel mentally and physical healthy
  • I am grateful for early morning bird song
  • I am grateful for the fragrance of lavender in the air
  • I am grateful for a day ahead and I do know what it offers

Hugs and love, Nancy

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