April 12, 2017

So very sorry for the lack of messages! Life is full and busy and unfocused.

I am sending a message of love: love yourself, have compassion for precious you. Let yourself be loved. Open your heart, relax your shoulders, welcome attention, passion and joy.

I will send Missals from time to time when I am able. At the moment I am focused, as best I can focus, on having the house in Toronto ready to go on the market May 3. Much to think about, lots of changes, all good, all take an emotional strip off me…..

Hugs and love always, please remember gratitudes, it helps you to remember you are loved.

  • I am grateful Nick is coming to be with me for his birthday and Easter weekend.
  • I am grateful Lisa and Robert will join us.
  • I am grateful movement is happening with selling my house.
  • I am grateful for essential oils which fill my lungs full of relaxation.
  • I am grateful to be on the journey I am on.

Will be writing more soon. Love always, Nancy

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