March 27, 2017


“Rest! I am tired!”

Aimee, the cutest 11-year-old puppy on the planet


Aimee stood at the kitchen doorway and barked at me. Woof……Woof……..frrumfhrrr…….sniff/sneeze…..Woof.

I offered her the back door to take care of business, though we had just been out for more than 2 hours. She looked at me intently. Piercingly. Unimpressed. I put away the groceries, ate a bit of soup, checked my email. Aimee gave quiet little woofs. I looked at the clock. Past our doze/read/rest time.

I fixed the pillows on the couch, set the radio at the right temperature, if you will, and snuggled down with my book. Aimee asked to come up on my tummy, let me scratch her forehead as usual, turned around 3 times on my belly, settled down over my legs and knees and…….gave a huge sigh.

“At last she listened!  Time for her to rest because I am tired,”  I heard her mutter.

How many times have I said that to my children as they were growing up? “I’m tired, you need a nap.” ” I’m cold, you better put on a sweater.” “I’m…whatever thus you better….”

Not every one has a dog to keep on eye on them. Lucky me. Really. For sure. We all need someone to nudge us, give us a head’s up, or remind us that time out is an essential part of healthy living.There have been many times Aimee has refused to walk any further than necessary and as we have headed home I have realized I truly was too tired to be out in the cold and/or rainy weather and needed to be home for her safety as well as my own.

It is lovely, special, healing, a big gift to realize someone else is looking after business too. Life can feel lonely even when filled with love and joy, people and delicious things to be getting taken care of and to feel good about. When we lose tract of the here and now we can easily get into trouble. Trouble like an accident, getting ill, anxiety, depression, losing things, making poor decisions. Our body will tell us when we are on overload.

Better to listen to a partner, a friend, your dog, your intuition, your memory of what did or didn’t work in the past.

Listen. You are being given messages and signs all the time. Notice. I have written about the crows at the cemetery noisily telling me there was a coyote near by. Aimee has messages for me frequently. My body often wants to tell me something it is important for me to pay attention to. Friends make suggestions and we blow it off, deny, don’t hear.

Be mindful of the now. Breathe and stay focused on right here. Pay attention to what is important in the now so the next step and the next step and the step after that will be safe and comfortable and useful.

Listen to your inner “woof”. Most times there is an important message that begs to be heard.


  • I am grateful for my faithful puppy Aimee with whom I am very attuned
  • I am grateful for my energy and health
  • I am grateful for the 3 new books I got today. Luscious. Like a kid with a stock of cookies and candy hidden in the closet!
  • I am grateful for the life journey I am on

Hugs, Nancy

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