March 26, 2017


“If your mind isn’t cluttered with unnecessary things, This is the best season of your life.”



A cluttered mind, cluttered house, cluttered desk, cluttered life… all exhausts me. I am a minimalist. I need little-small-less-not much. Today is a blessing. Walking Aimee, eating thick chicken soup, reading, dozing, listen to incredibly moving cello and piano music. Little. Simple. Still. Peaceful and hopeful and easy. Everything big at the moment is well under control. I can just Be.

Not everybody has the luxury of time to just Be.  Life is often rushed and harried. One of the many gifts of aging is time to be with your inner self. Time for reflection, introspection, time of ease and stillness. It isn’t about nothing to do. I am doing. I am actually climbing a mountain. It is the mountain of integration. In my still quiet time I am absorbing, settling with, understanding and assimilating my life. I am holding in high regard and with great respect the multitude of memories I carry.

I am remembering and feeling gratitude for decisions I have made, challenges I have faced or turned away from, gifts I have received or I have given. I am taking time to reflect back- pause and breathe in this moment- and be curious about what is ahead. Because this moment is clutter free, I can look ahead with delight and joy, with anticipation and with imagination. Clarity.

I am closing down a blessed precious 27 years in Canada and preparing myself for new adventures in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It is very exciting and I need rest as I let go and move forward. Endings are important. New beginnings deserve to be free of clutter and unfinished business. I take with me all the pleasures and what I have learned, and with those underpinnings I dream a new rich life, full of love, kindness, mystery, and colour.

The best season, the ancient Chinese wise man says. Is this the best season of my life?  Maybe. Maybe the best season was when I was a child, or when I had children, or when I began a career….I think the best season is the NOW season. Even the hard times are precious. If I had the choice again now, I would chose to walk beside Clo those last 2 years of her life; if I had the choice right now,  I would chose the anguish of divorce; the learning of single parenting; the supposed misery at the time, of post graduate school. All those years make me who I am today.

My inner reflection of the moment tells me all is fine and as it should be.


  • I am grateful for a cloudy grey day with rain and in-door time
  • I am grateful for incredibly beautiful and moving music
  • I am grateful for a life I accept
  • I am grateful for all those who share with me
  • I am grateful…..

Precious life, Nancy

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