March 23, 2017


“…..just a tender sense of my own inner process, that holds something of my connection with the divine.”

Percy Bysshe Shelly


A tender sense of my own process! How lovely. How beautiful. How very reassuring. I like the permission to be soft and gentle with the workings of my inner self. I am slow. I am thorough. I get overwhelmed, anxious, uncertain. I often forget that it is a humble, sacred, divine process that is mine alone and my inner self is a gift that I must cherish and honour.

In the past I have written about Bradshaw, a childhood playmate that no one else saw but my mother respected and did not shame me for holding close to my heart. I also played with the elves and fairies under the white linen cloth that covered our dining room table on Sundays and holidays and under the several fruit trees that she planted in our back yard.

My sacred inner self. My connection to the divine.

What is yours? Do you hold your inner self in high regard? I dearly hope you do. Your precious inner being deserves attention. As an adult I attend to my inner being through mediation, through walks in nature, loving my puppy, music and more. How do you attend to yours?  Do you encourage the same regard for the tender inner being that lives in your partner?

Last night I joined 6 other people in a gentle peaceful meditation group that meets weekly. I went in tired. I left rested. Our guide at one point suggested we enter the emptiness. Someone said they found faith under the emptiness. I found silence and didn’t want to stay there. I will look for what is under my what for me feels like a huge black hole and she named emptiness and see if I can find inner peace, safety, relief.

What might be in the space beneath your noisy busyness of the day……share what you find with someone you trust. Let your holiness be seen and bless your precious inner self for your courage, intuition, and wisdom.


  • I am grateful my friend encourages me to go to meditation with her
  • I am grateful for another sunny though cold day
  • I am grateful for how much I have accomplished these last several weeks
  • I am grateful I am feeling confident and centered
  • I am grateful to be me

Love, Nancy


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