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Day Business and Night Business

I got to thinking about the ritual of bed making this morning as I was smoothing my quilted spread and piling my stack of cozy pillows in place, getting my life in order for the day.

That’s just it…..getting my life in order for the day. My day begins with turning up the heat, making coffee or tea, putting Aimee’s collar on her, turning the radio to classical music…….and making my bed. I can’t get dressed before I make my bed. I can’t take a shower, eat, or check the emails. Bed first.

Some people never make their bed. Some seldom, some sometimes, some casually, some carefully, zillions of way to make a bed; all credible. Mine is practically compulsive: the day begins crooked if I fail to make my bed which I have done about twice in the past 30 years.

Clo, my partner of 23 years, seldom made the bed. That seemed to have slipped comfortably into being my job. I cannot understand how anyone can go about their day feeling ready, prepared, settled, focused; with blankets and sheets scattered willy nilly all over the bed, pillows thrown on the floor and that mattress just open and exposed like that! Like, whoa, how….causual………unfinished.

That’s it: unfinished. I haven’t let go of the night until I have made my bed. My night is still exposed, no closure, no putting behind night life and symbolically moving into day life. I need to have closure to the night, my dreams, thoughts, worries, happy memories; and start fresh. Start a fresh day that has new hope, surprises, is filled with ideas and plans that matter.  I can’t focus completely if I have not settled my night-time life.  I will come back to it later but this morning is no longer the right time for night business.

Night business is about integrating the day, dreaming what we are unconsciously holding onto, resting our body, soul and mind. We look for answers and solve problems and get insights during our sleeping and dreaming time. Night sleep is about our inside self and is imperative. Too many interrupted night sleeps and I go wonky. Sleep deprivation is serious. Our mind and body need to rest and our mind needs to sort out our physical life.

I have been using essential oils and a diffuser with great success lately. My sleep is longer and deeper. I feel more rested and refreshed in the morning. It has been working for about a month. My intention is to wisely and happily use essential oils and my precious diffuser forever.

Day business is about consciously doing our outside life and that is a big challenge if we are not rested. I stumble and fumble and make mistakes when I am deprived of the amount of sleep I need to function well. As I age my body parts hurt more when I am tired. A few days ago I had weird shooting pains in my thighs. Wham! Stunned me and nearly sent me to my knees. ” I need sleep”, and sure enough, no pain since. All I did that was  different from what I had been doing was first take a short day sleep and then sleep through the night.

Think about it. What might be different in your day if your night was refreshing? I encourage you to be intentional about getting as many hours sleep at night as your body and mind need. Our needs differ. I need rather a lot. Others do well on 5 or 6 hours a night. Whatever our body and mind require, we really do have an obligation to satisfy. After all, our precious body is a gift and it is our responsibility to take good care of it. Our magnificent mind is amazing and expects to be attended to. Not an unfair expectation.

You know all the things that are best to do: get exercise, take a walk before bed if you can (get a puppy, night walks are a treat!),  warm bath with lavender, soft music, no TV, meditate, read quiet stuff; in other words, prepare for a full night of restorative sleep. All your troubles will be solved!

Well, possibly not ALL. But many. Day time outside life can be very much improved when you have had enough sleep. Trust me. I really am an expert on not enough sleep, intentionally figuring out how to have good sleep, and the joys of feeling rested.

In gradatude for a good night’s rest, Nancy

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