February 6, 2017


“When you see each leaf as a separate thing, you can see a tree, you can see the spirit of the tree, you can talk to it, and maybe you can begin to learn something.”

William J. Rausch


When Aimee, the cutest puppy on the plant, and I go walking in the cemetery near us in the morning, I tend to do a walking meditation. I go deep within myself and find solace or peace or joy or hope. Whatever it might be I am looking for at that moment. It is a time for Aimee to find pleasure in her wanderings and for me to be my very best introverted self and enjoy being with Me.

On one such walk,  as Aimee roamed and sniffed around the grounds I felt myself walking with a presence that I couldn’t see. I walked……but it was unsettling. I felt pulled away from my inner world, cautiously alert to what might be around me.  I listened. I heard a crow caw, then several, then many. What is mister crow telling me? I wondered. Crow is a messenger. I felt curious what the message might be.

I nearly fell over Aimee as to my astonishment, she ran in front of me and sat down. Seeing Aimee, hearing the crows, I was forced out of my reverie and began to look around me. On the other side of a wire fence that separated the cemetery from homes I found myself looking into the eyes of a coyote. She looked at me kindly. She looked rather raggidy. In my mind I asked her if she was hungry or if she had babies and where was her home.

The crows stopped their cry of alarm and I wondered which of us they were warning: the coyote or me, or possible Aimee. We walked along side by side for sometime, the coyote looking over at me from time to time as Aimee often does when she walks a bit ahead of me; checking to see if I am still there. My concern settled, the crows went silent, Aimee ran off to play and the coyote disappeared over a hill. I went back to meditating.

I’m curious what it might be that I learned in those several moments of feeling one with nature, feeling seen by the animal world, feeling quiet as I walked. I felt protected by the crows and by Aimee. Then I considered that the crows might have been warning the coyote rather than warning me. I realized that I listened. I was intrigued. I wasn’t frightened. I remembered afterward that I felt safely surrounded by a vanguard of protectors. I picture it now: coyote, puppy, crows flying above us making a ruckus, the spirit of the sacred place we were all sharing, and me.

It feels so lovely. I think what I learned is that when I am in accord with the world around me all is well. I am safe. Harmony abides.


  • I am grateful for the cemetery where I have walked almost daily for over 20 years.
  • I am grateful for Aimee’s companionship
  • I am grateful for a day of blue sky and sunshine today
  • I am grateful for a winter with little ice and it feels safe to take walks
  • I am grateful for several new books I got at the library today
  • I am grateful for warm soothing soup I had for lunch and will have another cup of now just because I want to
  • I am grateful for my daughter in law Connie helping me sort out an issue with my lovely diffuser last night
  • I am grateful for nature and life and beauty.

Love always, check in with me if you want to. I love hearing from all of you.


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