February 3, 2017


“I do whatever I need to do to keep my inner world peaceful. My inner world is essential for my health and well-being.”

Louise Hay


A very long time ago, when I was young and single parenting 4 active, delightful, wonderful, children who are now delightful adults! I counted on the wisdom and compassion of Louise Hay a great deal. I read her books, I repeated her affirmations, each day I tore one more slip of paper off my desk calendar as I repeated her words for the day, I listened to her tapes. She got me through some tough times.

One thing in particular that meant a lot was she said she blessed her bills each month because she figured the universe must feel confident she would be able to pay them or they would not have been sent. Hmmmm. I didn’t really get to the place of blessing my bills; but to this day I bless every cheque and every bit of cash that comes to me by placing it for at least 3 days under a large amethyst in a basket on my bookshelf in my office. What I did do back then, with great intentionality, was bless myself for my good sense to have a savings that saved my socks more than once with unexpected  bills: new roof, fix furnace, car needs repair.

Whatever it takes. That’s what Louise says and I totally agree. Whatever it takes to keep Self comforted, feeling safe, calm. I turn off the radio when there is too much news. I do not watch any TV. I only read the newspaper at the Toyota dealership when having my tires switched or an oil change. Last night when my friend with whom I was sharing dinner at a new cafe on the corner near me wanted to talk about Trump, I said no. Time for him to do his stuff and time for me to do my stuff. My stuff is concentrate on love, compassion, peace, inclusiveness.

For me that is the inner world I hear Louise Hay speak about. My inner Self needs to not be afraid. And to not be afraid I must focus on positive, good, balance, grace, friendship, smiles, music, walks in the cemetery. Not to suggest painful things are not happening in the world outside of me. They are. But the best I can do to help things shift from where they are at the moment is to hold steady, meditate, pray, think positive, dream the good dream of enough for all. There is enough food, shelter, medication, love, attention, jobs, pleasure,  for everyone. I know that. We need to help those who do not know there is enough room on mama’s lap for everyone.

I think when we get greedy and belligerent it is because we are afraid there will not be enough. It looks to me like the fear today is there won’t be enough money. I really think underneath it all is the fear of not belonging, not having enough love, not knowing who we really are. The fear that mama’s lap can’t hold everyone. So we act out. Those of us who know the universe is big and kind and full of compassion and has enough love for everyone, those of us who can keep the faith, must help others who are stumbling and lost.

There are hands on ways to do that helping. My daughter and son-in-law in Michigan are helping almost daily a family with 8 children who came via holding camps from Syria. Many many others are doing similar and more. Along with hands on we must also take care of our own inner world. Or our Self as I am wont to say. When our Self( inner world) is peaceful we can stay healthy and we can contribute immensely to the healing of a world that is in great pain.


  • I am grateful for a really lovely deep sleep last night
  • I am grateful for all the help and support I receive
  • I am grateful for a sunny day to walk and talk with a friend
  • I am grateful for a few groceries I picked up today and I won’t have to do a big grocery shopping soon
  • I am grateful for the time I have to write and read and be
  • I am grateful for life
  • I am grateful for role model’s like Louise Hay

Blessings, love always, Nancy

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