February 23, 2017


“If you wait long enough, there will be a space big enough….”

Mildred Czuchna, my late mother-in-law


I didn’t learn to drive until I was 28. I had kids who needed to get to doctor’s appointments and go shopping, I needed groceries, I needed to get a life!  Being dependent on my husband made no sense at all for either of us.  So…..I asked him to teach me to drive. Man, I have made dumb decisions in my life, but that one is at the head of the list.

I don’t remember ultimately who taught me, but I do remember my first trip out-of-town with kids in tow. I was nervous. Left hand turns scared me, traffic scared me, new places scared me, keeping the kids occupied…on and on. In mentioning this to my mother-in-law I spoke of especially left hand turns onto busy highways and her comment was, “If you wait long enough there will be a space big enough!”

A brilliant slogan for all of life I have learned over the years. We may slug through each day feeling nothing much is happening and then surprise! Life begins to come together again and make at least a little bit of sense. We get a boost, feel positive and hopeful, the day feels slightly more manageable.

The contractor who is building my condo in Kalamazoo, Michigan got in touch with me this morning and said when I am in town let’s get together and talk flooring and counter tops and walk through the condo that has been built that is like yours and have tea and talk. I feel so welcomed and so on my way! And I had already made plans to go to Michigan in March.

I found January and February to be sluggish months, but hey! March is already looking better. Do not lose heart dear friend, Trump can not be allowed to take all the hope and joy out of life. New beginnings, love, beauty, faith, grace, all important key and primary words for all of us every day of our lives. Yesterday I talked about Depression. Today I want to mention Faith.

Faith is steady. She stands tall and looks you straight in the eye with her wide bold strong chocolate-brown eyes. She wears modest clothes and pearls and amethysts and her laugh sounds like music. She is a titch chubby and loves it. Her colours are moss-green, velvety burgundy, and deep midnight blue. She has white Irish lace round her neck and wrists.

She remains close at hand, usually pretty quiet, but very talkative now and then. Sometimes you absolutely can not shut her up. That’s when she has something exceedingly useful and important for you to hear. Best you listen up.

Have Faith that in time, this too shall pass. Or have Faith that this too will totally work out, I simply can not see the end at the moment. A shift in mood or an easing of the distress might take a while, but hold tight to Faith. She really does want to help. When Faith shows up she is comforting, dependable, available, and sacred. To have Faith in your life you have to believe in Hope and trust in Mystery.


  • I am exceedingly grateful I had a second key to my car in the catch-all drawer at home when I discovered I lost my key chain at the cemetery this morning
  • I am very grateful for the kind gentleman who offered me his arm as I clumsily attempted to climb down a hill after picking up Aimee’s morning business.
  • I am grateful for warm sunshine
  • I am grateful for my web site that attracts potential clients
  • I am grateful for potential clients from Michigan who are reaching out to me.
  • I am grateful I am preparing for my late summer move from Toronto to Kalamazoo.

Hugs, Nancy

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