February 7, 2017


“Why do you weep? The source is within you.”



Aimee, the cutest 11-year-old puppy on the planet, and I had a brilliant hour walk in the cemetery this morning. We were the only ones in the park and Aimee was free to roam as she pleased. I had glorious inner time to appreciate ME and the life I have created. As we ended, the freezing rain began. Smart us! We had perfect timing this morning.

We returned home to a dark and dreary world. I turned on all the lights in the house, made fresh coffee, put lavender essential oil in my diffuser and turned to writing. It seems like a good day for weeping: dull, still, cold, icy ground. Icy branches on the young trees in my front yard formed crystalline sculptures of arms outstretched and tiny branches showing off their stark beauty.

I felt calm and introspective. I did not feel sorrow nor did I feel a desire to weep. But I could understand that this might be the time for tears for anyone who felt alone. “The source is within…..” Comforting words from Rumi, the poet and philosopher.  Within me is all I need. Within each of us is all there is. Rumi asks why weep because we have everything we need. I say, weeping can be a relief and tears can help heal the soul.

Tears help us connect to ourselves and give the message that connection with others would be welcome. Let yourself weep. Weep for your losses, your dreams, your unknowns. Weep for your sisters and brothers who might be in danger or sick or alone. Weep for yourself.

And then remember: the source, God, All That Is, hope, joy, blessedness, it all lives deep inside of you.


  • I am grateful for the cemetery as a safe and sacred place for Aimee and me.
  • I am grateful for my creative writing mentor, Sara, as I learn and grow and improve.
  • I am grateful for my slow, quiet days and good nights of sleep
  • I am grateful for life as I have created it
  • I am grateful for health

Hugs, Nancy

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