February 20, 2017


“There are moments when everything goes well. Don’t be frightened, it won’t last.”

Jules Renard


I just had to chuckle when I read that!

How true it sometimes seems. Just this morning I was walking in the sun, Aimee (the cutest puppy on the planet), scampering ahead, beside, around and behind me, I was feeling deeply happy, relieved, calm, in love with my life! I wore a lighter weight coat than usual; gloves, not mittens; outdoor shoes, not boots; light weight scarf and no hat. The air on my bare face was light and fresh. The soft wind whipped my white hair in my eyes and blurred the world around me. My heart was free and easy. My inside self was happy.

I was very conscious that this is a 2, hopefully 3 day respite from winter doldrums, and I loved every minute of it. I can not tell you how many out loud “thank you’s” I said. Reaching every squirrel, leafless tree, cemetery monument, and spirit around me. Certainly Aimee looked askance at me as my voice echoed through the cemetery.  I try, rather unsuccessfully, to stop her barks and there I was barking with joy. Each thank you was absolutely a prayer of gratitude.

This winter has been difficult. Not much snow or ice, but cold and filled with tension and fear. What is going on in the United States holds most of the world in a very tight grip. Sometimes it takes my breath away. Walking, breathing deeply, wearing lighter weight clothes, listening to bird song and noticing silence……to me it all felt healing, peaceful, filled with renewed hope. In those moments, everything was going very well indeed.

If I am mindful and intentional I can keep all of those lovely feelings deep in my heart and soul for a long time. Or, more easily, I could forget those few precious, sacred moments and fall into the abyss of dreary fearful thinking. The latter serves no one. The former at least gives me solace and brings me closer to remembering this beautiful world we are so fortunate to be living in.

I gently close my eyes right now and I see millions of like-minded people holding hands around the world and I wonder what it would sound like to hear in every language imaginable, “I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”

Can’t you just see it! In your mind’s eye: Millions of people of all colour, sizes, genders, abilities; swinging hands, holding tight, heads thrown back, body open, heart thumping, shouting together. That could last, you know. If that many people focused on how beautiful they are, how beautiful the world is and how precious and beautiful every living thing is, it might very well last a really long time.

I would like to purpose one week of no news and all focus on how much beauty there is in the world. And I would like to hear, simultaneously, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL,” being spoken in every language imaginable throughout the entire world.

Whoa. That could take your breath away!  That even has the potential of having a lasting positive affect.


  • I am grateful for my moments of beauty on my walk this morning
  • I am grateful for a very good sleep last night
  • I am grateful for interesting food I have to eat right now
  • I am grateful some of my family from Michigan might soon come visit me.
  • I am grateful I will soon be visiting Michigan.

Hugs and love, may beauty shine through you always, Nancy


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