February 2, 2017


“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

Carl Rogers


My daughter in law Connie gave me a lovely sleek off white diffuser for Christmas. It came with instructions which were very straight forward. I had never, for whatever reason, heard of a diffuser. I told myself I didn’t know how to use it, so set it on my bed side table to look at because it is pretty. Then I put lavender oil, which she also sent, in a titch of water and rubbed it on my hands and sniffed in the lovely, relaxing, soothing fragrance.

Ahhhh, I liked that.  Felt healing and helped me drift off into a deep slumber.

My naturopathic doctor suggested some oils to use in a diffuser to help soothe me when I felt anxious. I asked Connie if that was what she had given me as a gift and she said yes. Soooo, forget silly written instructions, they simply confuse me. Take it apart, look at it, put water and oil into it, put it together and plug it in.

Walla!!  Sooooo very lovely and special and comforting.

I get exceedingly impatient with my anxious Self. The Self that doesn’t trust I know what I am doing. My anxious Self blurs my vision, forces me to hide from my sensibilities, fools me into running away.

When I can name that for myself, when I can remind me that my anxious Self has taken over and thinks she is in charge; when I can remember that I am a fully functioning intelligent adult woman, when I can accept that I get anxious with new or change or different and skuttle my senses and set myself up to not succeed; I can find the where- with- all to let my grounded Self step in and take over and change whatever has gone awry. When I acknowledge new and change scare me, I can face new and change straight on, face to face……and change.

It works.

I invite you to try it. Try something new that you think feels big. Look it over carefully, take time to make it yours and feel a connection, imagine what you want from it and what it has promised you. Take your time. However you respond to new or change is totally fine! That is you. That is how you respond. No problem. No need to be hard on yourself or feel ashamed or wish you were different. Just acknowledge who you really are and relax. The rest will fall into place. Life can be quite simple if we let it be. When we over think or judge Self, Self closes down or runs away. When we accept Self, Self is happy, feels confident, and takes care of us just fine.

Trust Self, whoever she/he may be. Change will happen, with or without you. Best you relax and just slip gently into the warm waiting waters of change.

I love my diffuser and use lavender oil or change to something else sometimes, with great pleasure every night.


  • I am grateful for a lovely evening with my dear young friend Kara
  • I am grateful for a very affirming and satisfactory appointment with my General Practitioner.
  • I am grateful a dear friend wanted to walk with Aimee, the cutest dog on the planet, and me tonight because I might not have gone out on my own.
  • I am grateful I am feeling alive and healthy and well
  • I am grateful for my life, friends, family.

Hugs, Nancy

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