February 14, 2017


..breath…….is the current of life. There is nothing but golden fish in this stream. All we need to see them clearly is the lens of awareness.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn


“I am not lonely, nor do I feel alone,” a friend was saying to me.” I’m not sad, or unhappy even really. But there is something……something. An ache, I think it might be.

“I am not the center of anybody’s life; nor is anyone the center of my life. I miss that,” she said softly. Her indigo blue eyes were shinny with tears she didn’t shed.

I think they were tears of compassion, for herself and for anyone else who noticed an open space in their life that could happily hold someone at the center. The golden fish, Zinn talks about, in the stream of life; the current between two people that is the breath of life. When the golden fish in the breath that is the current flowing between two people is seen, there is a warm glow. At the center of life there could be something…..or someone.

Maybe there was once, or will be someday.

Is your lens of awareness, as Zinn calls it, open?  Or ready. Or willing?

I think that is what Valentine’s Day should be about: You are at the center of my life. I like being at the center of yours. You are my breath. I am a golden fish in your stream of life.


  • I love the beautiful bouquet of flowers I received by surprise this morning
  • I love the loving messages I received by text from dear Nick and dear Lisa
  • I love the snuggles Aimee gives me when we read together during our afternoon integration time
  • I love the quiet introspective life I am living this winter
  • I love the gift my body gave me this morning by registering absolutely normal blood pressure and heart rate
  • I love my life and I know it will continue for a very long time

Love always, Nancy

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