February 13, 2017


“Be careful how you interpret the world. It is like that.”

Erich Heller


Imagine my surprise and delight this morning, after a huge snow dump yesterday and the night before,  I found my car clean of snow, all snow shoveled away from and around the car and smooth sailing from drive way to street.

I went out this morning to take Aimee for our walk absolutely dreading the huge clean up I knew I would have to do to get my car ready for the short trip to our favorite spot, the cemetery. I was sure the neighbours had shoveled their snow in front of my car, I was positive my car was covered with inches of snow, and I totally didn’t want to face the cold and dreary mess.

I had definitely not created a happy world in my mind’s eye. Apparently there is a snow shoveling angel in my neighbourhood and I was picked to be the recipient of their largesse last night or early this morning. Blessed be to the angels in my life.

I have been very introspective since last I wrote about my concerns and fears: about the world, about the United States, and about my move from Canada to Michigan.

Such a busy mind. Nights full of dreams and mornings full of awareness. Today Trudeau and Trump meet to discuss how things are going to go between the two countries. I choose to have faith. I didn’t have faith a few days ago. My inner world tells me the quote above makes sense: my world will be the way I choose to interpret it. And I choose to believe change must happen. I have NO idea what that change will be or even what it ought to be. I only know a lot of people are not happy.

I am on board with the dream of creating a new world….for myself and for anyone else who wants to do that as well. I am going to do my creating in Michigan as I move to be closer to family, as I discover what I will be doing about my relationship consulting practice and as I have a new home built for me.

I invite you all to choose to dream a world you want, you love, you are proud of. I am open to and I encourage you to be open to all the love that our world has to offer. Cleaning my snow covered car was a very kindly and loving thing to do for me. I am grateful. Jackie, one of the owners and contractors for the home I am having built in Michigan, inviting me to visit her in March so together we can pick out cupboards, counter tops, light fixtures, and much more, is exciting, stretching and wonderful. A loving and lovely challenge.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!


  • I am grateful for winter hibernation time so as to think and dream, wonder and decide.
  • I am grateful for friends and family who support me, ask me questions, and love me.
  • I am grateful for days of quiet and preparation
  • I am grateful for my life
  • I am grateful I have a home in the making as I return to my roots.

Blessings always, Nancy

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