February 1, 2017


“May all our actions be charged with the power of love.
May each choice be rooted in creation’s wisdom.
May we meet our daily challenges with practical ingenuity.
May we greet adversity’s darkness with grace.
May we seek beauty in unexpected places.
May we engage all earth-beings with an open heart…….”

Andrea Mathieson


I think Andrea Mathieson may be a woman I would like to know. I have just been introduced to her via a gift of the essential oils that she makes from the herbs and flowers in her garden. I like her energy, her intuition, her observations. I am going to phone her and see if we can talk together. See if I can learn from her.

What particularly attracts me in this moment to her above words is the sentence: “May we greet adversity’s darkness with grace.”

Grace, to me, is such a simple sweet word. It is peaceful, self-contained, lasting and powerful in a quiet way.

That is how I want to walk in the world these days: with Grace. I want her to have a capital letter at the beginning of her name. I want Grace to be honored and respected.  I see her wearing a long filmy pale silk gown, holding her head high, a proud smile on her face and her eyes filled with humor.

The darkness that threatens to smother us, the glum and fear and disaster that surrounds us from the out of control behavior of the President of the United  States, can be faced with Grace. She can lead us, direct us, inform us. We will have to face the thunder clouds, the lightening, the heavy wind and hail with humor, pride and beauty. Not a lot to be laughing about when one thinks of Trump. But it is pretty amusing to imagine him in the short pants, knee socks, and floppy hair on the forehead of the out of control 8 year old, his behavior so mimics.

I am sleeping deeply and dreaming very little as I use Andrea’s essential oils in my bed side diffuser. I have not listened to any news today. A day of intentional not knowing. I know that together, all of us who believe in love and kindness will help clean the air and heal the unnecessarily cruel wounds that Trump and his followers have created.

Together let’s move forward and respond with Grace. A lovely word to meditate on for 30 seconds each day of this new month. Love and Grace.


  • I am grateful for the way the word Grace rolls around in my mouth and helps me find solace.
  • I am grateful for an especially lovely walk in the cemetery with Aimee, the cutest dog on the plant.
  • I am grateful for the moments of pure joy and pleasure I felt walking down my stairs from my bedroom to my living room this morning. Joy and pleasure that I am alive and happy in my lovely home even as I prepare to move from Toronto to Michigan
  • I am grateful for snow and no storm
  • I am grateful to be me in these trying time. To feel grounded and safe and sure.
    Blessings and Grace, Nancy

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