Out of the Ashes Emerges the Phoenix

It has been rather a while since I have written on Going Out On A Limb! In my eyes I have absolutely been going out on a limb in my Almost Daily Missal From Nancy. It isn’t easy for me to write about current events. I don’t want my energy to contribute to the panic; I in no way want to be adding more negativity into the collective consciousness. However, I do want to name wisely some of what I feel/intuit is going on and add my faith in hope and eventual balance.

I have called Trump a scared and out of control and dangerously privileged child of 70 and thus far no one seems able to contain him. I also want to name the good that is going on in our world: I heard just this morning about an entire subway crowd using wipes and tissue and hand cleaning liquid to, as a group, remove Nazi symbols and anti-Jewish words from the windows and walls of the subway car. This happened in New York City. How deeply heartwarming and hopeful. I know Children’s Hospital in Toronto is trying to get infants and children who have had their life saving surgery in the United States cancelled because of the country they come from, scheduled for surgery and care here.

Many many other stories are out there I know. I control the amount of news I learn about, thus miss much of the good, while intending to screen out the negative. I am very happy to hear from anyone reading this any positive, life affirming stories they know about or have been a part of or have initiated on their own.

Out of the ashes emerges the Phoenix. My dear creative gifted friend Mary in 1989 spontaneously painted in water colours, a magnificent bird rising out of smoldering ashes. That picture has pride of place in my home right now as I meditate and muse about what to me feels like a necessary crumbling of our world as it has become. And out of the misery and fear we are creating, I find hope for a clear, clean beginning.  It is important that we turn our focus and energy toward a positive outcome. That we put forward our intention and dreams. My dream includes acceptance of differences, inclusion of all, enough for everyone, and refusal to allow cruelty.

I am encouraging anyone who cares to, to join me in a daily 30 second meditation on one good feeling, positive word: laughter, peace, hope, joy, grace, faith, new, beginning, love, hugs, smiles, sunshine, music, flowers, rainbows……..and after doing this, let yourself feel the millions if not billions of others throughout the world who want those same things for themselves and for those they love.

Walk with Grace, let Faith hold you, dream of Peace. Nancy

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