Some of the Lessons I Have Thus Far Learned From Stevie the Skunk

As my dear cousin Gail tells me and I quote: Another f…ing growth experience, huh Nanc!?’

Stevie may have been little, the rain and the light from the motion detector caused him to look shiny and rather pretty if you will, certainly a curiosity and puzzlement to me, and interesting to Aimee; denial and dumb allow me to minimize and animal instinct forced Aimee to advance with vim and grim determination; But I have to humbly admit, Stevie is an experienced teacher of some noteworthiness.

What Stevie the Skunk has thus far taught me:

  • Never trust the dark.
  • Never trust shiny and unknown objects.
  • Never allow denial to stop quick responses. (if only!)
  • Remember: For every 4 baths you give your dog, all of different kinds, like tomato, peroxide, vinegar, dish soap, shampoo, you need to take at least 1, probably 5, yourself to keep on top of things.
  • Human hair absorbs skunk.
  • No matter how many layers of bedding you may wash no matter how many mornings in a row, if the mattress got the stink, the stink goes on…..and on, and on, and
  • Friends get it, but businesses don’t: no cleaning people for 6 days, no duct cleaners for a week, no furniture and carpet help until Monday.
  • It is quite possible that your washing machine and dryer are your new best friends.

A curious awareness moved into my consciousness this morning, gently touching my soul and my heart: I am ready to leave my home. I am ready to live in my new home. Somehow Stevie smelling up my precious home as made it more doable to walk off and leave this life as I have lived it for so long. Clearly Stevie thinks this area belongs to him and doesn’t want to share. As I have no intention of sharing with him, best I pack up what doesn’t stick and move along toward new lands, new adventures, new dreams. Now to figure out what doesn’t stink.

I really am getting emotional distance from this building that has housed and protected and loved and supported me. And held Clo and me so very dearly. One foot in front of the other. Each day brings life. Dawn taught me New Normal when Clo was diagnosed with cancer. My New Normal now is preparing for the chaos of making choices, ending a life phase, dealing with money, contractor, realtors, accountants, bankers, Bell Canada, Hydro, government, border issues….god I’m scaring myself now. And I smell skunk again. Stevie, you certainly are an excellent distraction.

Maybe my hair. Off to the shower……again.

Hugs, Nancy

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