January 4, 2017


“—–the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.”

Henry Miller


Oh my, did I need to hear that……read that….think about that, even remember that. Yes! It is a beautiful world. People are oh so very interesting. Life is good and rich and full of treasures…..

And there is way more going on than Aimee, who smells horrible, and me. But I just need to say, there is VERY little that I can think about, problem solve about, be creative about or even care about, then the stench in my life and home and the absolutely entire truth is that stench is Aimee. Until, and unless, she stops smelling, my life will not be fresh, clear, clean, maybe even hopeful and happy again.

Gross exaggeration? Actually, I think not. You know, it is totally the case that clean as I may, nothing will change until Aimee changes. She carries the spit of the skunk and until that wears off, and I am told it might well be 3 weeks or more, until that time, my house stinks and I carry the stink and well yes, lets just say it, Life Stinks. Mine at least.

I agree fully with Henry Miller that it is best we get our focus off of self and remember the beauty and the treasures in our life. And I do!! But at the same time, Stevie the Skunk has made my life miserable, caused me to forget I actually am loved and lovable, led me to believe the professional helpers I trusted really aren’t there when deeply needed, and helped me forget what I wanted to do in a new way in 2017. Right now, what I want to do in a new way is live smell free. Not do another load of washing. Never smell vinegar or skunk or lemon or scented candles again. Not open doors and windows when the temperature is -5 degrees celsius and know where my dog is because she is where she ought to be and not because I can smell her at my feet.

I have reason to believe I will be living with this until I can find someone to shave Aimee. So far, no one has agreed to do that for me, and I am afraid I will make a total mess if I do it, plus I do not believe I should take on that task alone. Dear Clo, how deeply appreciated you are at the moment. Hopefully I told you how much I appreciated you, often times, when you were personally, bodily in my sight.

Below I will happily and grandly admit to my pleasures in life:


  • I am grateful……push Nancy, you can do it!
  • I am grateful for Scott the Service Master person who talked to me with kindness and understanding and said no sense to pay him until Aimee no longer smells.
  • I am grateful my energy has returned
  • I am grateful for clients with whom I feel I am doing good work
  • I am grateful to be alive and well and able to afford this mess
  • I am grateful I have paid all of my taxes
  • I am grateful I am me.

Love always, Nancy


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