January 3, 2017


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world.”

Harriet Tubman


Have I used this quote before? Never mind. It speaks to me today!

I am a dreamer. I have a dream. I dream of peace, joy, easy, sunshine, friendship, honour, love. I dream of being in charge of my life. I dream of living a peaceful easy-going straight forward day in and day out……

And along comes Stevie The Skunk. God in all his majesty, how can a shiny black night prowling creature (rodent?) turn one relatively sane woman’s life so upside down? Today I sit at my desk trembling! Really. I am cold. I am scared. I am whelmed. I think over whelmed actually.

My cleaning people won’t clean my furniture and carpets. It will ruin their equipment. I expect they are right. I do not blame them. So I have called in the squat team: Service Master. And they aren’t responding to me. Twice I have emailed. Next I will phone.

Strength, patience, and passion. Reach for the stars. I can do it. You can too. You know, we all let the trials of life become way bigger than they have to be. Certainly I do that. Skunk smells matter. A whole lot. But they are not life threatening. Except maybe to the skunk. If I meet Stevie Skunk eye to eye again I don’t think it would be a pretty picture for either of us.

The reality, however, even jazzed as I am, is the smell has diminished significantly. I have scrubbed and scoured, wash and dried, vinegared and peroxided, blood, sweat and cried, over every inch of the bloody house, Aimee’s precious body, and my tired soul. Do I have to wash or repaint the walls? Glory be to the angels, I truly hope not.

When I pull my fascination with this turn in the road down my life, toward daily tasks like paying bills or doing errands I find myself unable to respond. Stevie still has me stunned. I plan to reach for the stars again sometime soon.

Maybe tomorrow.


  • I am eternally grateful my source of distress is not health issues for either Aimee or me or anyone I know and love
  • I am grateful for the hard diligent work I have done toward solving my dilemma.
  • I am grateful Aimee no longer stinks. I think bath #5 finally completed the process (oh yes, the groomer is ignoring me as well. I fear she doesn’t want to shave Aimee as she is as worried as the carpet and furniture cleaners are about contaminating their equipment as well as their life.)
  • I am grateful for no clients today. And hopeful tomorrow’s clients will smile and tell me nothing.
  • I am grateful I have a fresh new home being built for me and hopefully Stevie isn’t thinking of migrating to Michigan
  • I am grateful for my life…..I think
  • I am grateful I know I have strength and passion. I am just not so sure about the patience part.

Hugs and love, Nancy
(Pray for the patience part for me if you feel so inclined.)

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